View Full Version : What else do you think we'll see come out of Genesis? Characters/Books.

08-15-2011, 09:42 AM
Any other characters you believe we will see come out of Kirby: Genesis? Or who would you like to see jump out of the pages of this series thanks to this brand new universe? Use this thread as a tool to clamour over who YOU want to see make appearences and what kind of titles you would like to see based out of the Genesis book, let your voice be heard!

08-26-2011, 03:20 AM
I am betting that we will see a few mini series or possibly a regular series come out of this. Expanding it into a full blown Kirby-verse would be great to see with Kurt Busiek at the helm, he has the experience with Astro City in which to wrangle all of these heroes and villains into a solid story that could be years in the telling (IMO).