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Thread: The Golden Age Research Thread

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    What is the site with the Golden Age covers??

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    Captain Courageous marks the 70th character profile to be added to the Public Domain Super Heroes wiki! Of those, 48 appear in our Superpowers list...

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    Public Domain Super Heroes ( ) is nearing 250 characters! Thanks to our growing group of researchers/editors, there are far more characters than I've even dreamed of. In addition to that resource for Golden Age information, there is now a Wiki exclusively for Project Superpowers ( ). Of course, much of the character information is crossover from PDSH right now.

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    Were up to almost 420+ characters on the PDSH wiki and the Project Superpowers wiki is coming along nicely as well, but still needs some work though. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Greatest thread ever.

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    Seriously great job Mikey!

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    It's been a while since I updated this. Public Domain Super Heroes is nearly up to 750 articles now. Thanks to all the contributors. The Project Superpowers Database is over 200 articles. We still need a lot of Superpowers specific character info. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Public Domain Super Heroes

    Project Superpowers Database

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    Great site. I made additions to the first issues of Black Terror, DDD and Masquerade. In the trivia sections I mentioned where the Romita covers came from.
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    Default Green Lama pulp reprints

    By the way, any publisher that wants to collect together those old classic Pulp Magazine Green Lama stories with all illustrations, in the same manner as those recent reprints of The Shadow Double, Doc Savage Double, and Girasol Double Pulp Spider, I'll buy them all.

    Adventure House has reprinted the first 6 Green Lama novels from DOUBLE DETECTIVE in their ongoing reprint series, High Adventure Magazine (issues #70, 75, 80, 84, 88 & 93):

    These are repro'ed from the original pages, complete with illustrations. Some of the older issues might be out of print now, but they can still be found from's z-shop sellers.

    Alternatively, you can wait for bit, and pick up the planned series of omnibus volumes from Altus Press, which aims to reprint the entire series (these however, are reset type - not sure if they will include all of the original illustrations):
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