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Thread: Zorro vs. The Lone Ranger

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    Default Zorro vs. The Lone Ranger

    If The Lone Ranger and Zorro got in a fight, who would win?

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    The viewers!

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    The Lone Ranger is usually straight forward while Zorro tends to be tricky and work things to his advantage. Also Zorro has no problem with killing when he has to. So, it would be close but I'd have to go with Zorro.
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    I think the minute the Lone Ranger shoots the sword out of Zorro's hand the fight is over.

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  5. Default Definitely Zorro

    Why? Zorro is the spanish word for Fox. Foxes are sly & perform their work on the downlow. Zorro would handle the Lone Ranger as much as I love that character. It would certainly be a nice match to watch.
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    At best a draw. Ranger is as crafty as the Fox. Zorro does have the training of a professional soldier at least in ealier origin stories. The fact that he goes lethal sometimes is pointless and used too often to try and out bas@%$$ non lethal heroes. The fact that nearly all of the Rangers villains wanted him dead makes the point moot. Zorro could out trick Ranger because there are lines he won't cross. But consider this Zorro never faced a repeating firearm. A better throw down would be Zorro versus Tonto.

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    All I can think of is the classic scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark! We all know that TLR wouldn't kill, but how funny would it be to see this scene drawn!

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    I don't really want to take sides here, I love both characters but if your's saying the Ranger automatically wins just because only he has a gun, then you'd be wrong.

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    Zorro as per McCulley, Fairbanks, Tyrone Power, Dell Comics, Disney Guy Williams, Alex Toth comics, all who pretty much defined the character had him carry a gun. And he was a crack shot with it on par with and before the Lone Ranger. And modern interpretations and legacy characters saw him naturally switch from flintlock pistols to repeaters/revolvers.

    The question or debate becomes who would be faster and more accurate on the draw, and who has the better gun. Zorro would probably get only one shot out of his old pistola to the Rangers 6-shooter. Yet it only takes one lethal shot to end it.

    The other question is - if you have them time traveling to even meet each other, there's no reason Zorro wouldn't acquire the modern weapons of the time.

    Or if more reasonably you play it out as a matter of descendants, Zorro's descendant and legacy would be using the most modern weapons as well as a sword.
    Or in reverse - the Ranger's antecedent, let's say a man like Harry Love the Texas Ranger famous for hunting down spanish/american/mexican supposed "bandits" (aka freedom fighters depending on whose land you're on). As we see played out in The Mask of Zorro, was compelled to throw down his gun in favor of a more "respectable" or "honorable" duel with swords, as per the time.

    Anyway, it's not so cut and dry. it's something a creative author could have fun with.

    Here's a more whimsical and modern interpritation again not averse to using dual pistolas.

    Another take on it would be Silver vs. Tornado.
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    Silver, no doubt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Ranger View Post
    Silver, no doubt!
    I'm guessing poor Tornado never even stood a chance with you here

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