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Thread: Vampirella photo covers?

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    Ha ha! Can't resist that kind of challenge! Joe Jusko will get an email from me. If we are lucky, maybe he will post an answer here!

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    wish i knew sum1 who was an amazing genius at photoshop that would paint a vampi costume on Betcee so we all could what she looked like as our favorite drakulon heroine......hehe....yes Angel thats another challenge!!!

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    okay, I will do Betcee AND Haifa Wehbe! How 'bout that? Just don't give me a deadline, because you know the muse doesn't work that way! I also know of another statuesque beauty with graceful arms and soulful eyes that I just might Photoshop as well. Wonder if we can post images on this forum???

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    Not sure about images but you could always upload to photobucket and post the direct links.

    Even if the link itself is disabled by the board anyone interested in viewing it can still copy and paste the text into the address bar to find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comic2read View Post
    I wonder if there will be new Vampirella photo covers?
    I feel sorry for Nella Swan who won the Harris/Vampire-Con competition to be the new Vampirella model only to discover that she was Vampirella only for that night!!!!

    But there are plenty of potential new models out there, such as Julia Faire.

    If nothing else, I'd love to see a bit of Vampirella CosPlay at conventions.

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