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    The one of you standing up against the tombstone is, ugh, quite impressive.....if you know what I mean?
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    Vampi come to life.

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    Panda, very great pics!
    The tombstones are a great setting. i just imagine me going photoshooting into a cemitery ... if sombody sees you that way it could end nasty
    Is it a cemitary still in use?

    actually, you have the format of a real old school Vampirella in a rather exquisite way. Like in the old days of Vampirella Classics era. I take the liberty of stating it and I like that
    your makeup and facial expession is very sexy too. it looks like you enjoyed the day

    more please.
    I am in the process of getting a second costume in Latex for my wife. First we have to find a latex clothing dealer nearby that can do it.

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