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Vampirella Cosplay!
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Thread: Vampirella Cosplay!

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    Default Vampirella Cosplay!

    Hey all,

    Check this out. We got this photo from a well known cosplay beauty. Her name is Marie-Claude Bourbonnais and I think she looks stunning.


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    I AGREE!!!!! Great homage to Dave Stevens Vampirella!!! Dynamite needs to make this a Vampirella Model cover!!!!!

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    Dave Stevens! I was trying to remember who did the art that inspired the picture.
    But I'm confused, shouldn't Vampirella be wearing shirtless pantsuits these days? Cause nothing says cool, like a shirtless pantsuit, leather jacket and stupid bling.

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    LMAO @ GrayPumpkin...thats funny I wish Dynamite would only publish covers with Vampi wearing the pants so i wouldnt have to buy the book at all!!!

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    GrayPumpkin, I couldn't have asked it better.
    Dynamte hiring a model though would be.... can't find a better word than hypocritical.
    official quote: "any actress worth her money would refuse to wear the costume...." - I would say that would go for a model too then. If she gets any that is.

    But a very nice pic indeed

    Bring back the costume!!!!

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    Now, now lets not mock that quote, after all where did Jane Fonda's career go after doing Barbarella? It's not like she went on to win a couple of academy awards or anything... oh wait, she did.
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    But it was the late 60s, early 70s! look at what women did wear back then. Even a Vampire in a swimsuit was... oh wait.

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    No more hypocritical than printing comic covers with a character in a costume she nevers wears in the actual book

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    That MC Bourbonnaise is something else. The voluptuous French-Canadienne is every fanboy's fantasy -- the nerd-girl with the killer body. She's well-known for her convention cosplay. Check out her portfolio here:


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    Excellent photo of one of my favorite characters. The model, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, is amazingly beautiful, and looks like of one of Jose Gonzalez's classic drawings come to life.

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