Rock legend Alice Cooper is no stranger to the comic book industry. He’s appeared in Marvel Comics, teamed up with Neil Gaiman for the Last Temptation and now has a new series at Dynamite with writer Joe Harris. Kevin Pearl chatted with Cooper about the new series and his relationship with the publisher.

AliceCooper01KEVIN PEARL: First off, how did this project come about?

ALICE COOPER: “My manager Shep mentioned to me that there was interest in doing another comic series. He told me who was involved and I jumped at the chance. Comics are really a great way for the Alice character to exist outside of the stage. Having grown up on comic books its fun for me to see myself in them. I have always said that the best thing about being in a comic book is that they draw you with great abs! After deciding to go ahead with it we tossed some story ideas back and forth and then the art work started coming in. It’s a pretty hands off process for me, I really like to see where others take Alice. Sometimes others can take Alice in a direction I hadn’t thought of. But Alice has parameters and rules that he follows, so I’m able to tweak the character a bit and change the story so that it fits Alice.”

Horror comics have a long and sorted history. Any favorites come to mind that fans should be checking out? Any that inspired Alice Cooper #1?

AC: “I’m old school. I stick with the classics. Though I did enjoy the more recent Vincent Price Presents comics.”

KP: With issue #1 fast approaching, what do you want fans to take away from your return to the world of comics?

AC: “That Alice Cooper is everywhere. Hiding in your closet. Under your bed. In your dreams. The great thing about the comic world is that visually I can do things that I wouldn’t be able to feasibly do on stage. We can go places we just aren’t able to go during a live performance. It’s a freeing medium really.“

AliceCooper02-Cov-MackKP: There is no question that X-Files writer Joe Harris does an amazing job on the new ongoing series. What drew him to you as the writer for this project?

AC: “Joe just has the right touch. He seems to have a feel for what Alice should look like and what his moves would be. The first time I saw his work I knew he’d be able to bring Alice to life on paper. It takes a lot of studying to really understand what the Alice Cooper character would do or say, and also what he wouldn’t do or say. I think Joe has the right feel.”

KP: Looking back at The Last Temptation, did you ever think you would be celebrating its 20 year anniversary in such a grand fashion?

AC: “I still can’t believe it’s been 20 years since The Last Temptation. I still get copies of these to sign at every meet and greet. Fans really seemed to resonate with them. I think it’s fitting that we’re doing something new to sort of carry on that energy, I think the fans want that. At the time I just considered it another project, I didn’t realize it would be such an enduring part of the Alice Cooper mystique.”

AliceCooper03-Cov-MackKP: Dynamite is home to some truly terrifying horror comic icons, any chance of seeing one of them pop up in the series down the road?

AC: “I’d like to keep this Alice’s universe, but you never know what’s around the corner. I don’t rule anything out.”

KP: And finally, you’ve teamed-up with many a talented artist on stage plenty of times. What are the odds of getting other musicians to appear in the book?

AC: “I think it almost makes sense to bring in some of my friends from the stage into this sort of book. Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson would fit in particularly well. It all depends on where the story goes. I use whatever is around me to tell a story. If one of my friends fits the bill and would help scare the pants off of people, you can bet that I will reach for them.”

For more on Alice Cooper #1, click here. The issue is also available digitally here.