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Thread: As it pertains to the costume thread.... Part 2

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  1. Default As it pertains to the costume thread.... Part 2

    The Administrator closed the costume thread
    And while I agree that some posters were being snarky and rude closing the entire thread seem an overreach and, well, frankly passive-aggressive. There were other ways to solve that. I took a long time composing my comments on that thread and they are gone.

    So. Now I am gone too.

    Ive decided that this company shows little regard to fan feedback. Id already decided that I wasnt going to spend any more money on the Vampirella title until the current direction is mercifully ended.

    I am leaving the forum as well . . .

    good bye, it's been fun.
    - Thunder

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    I must disagree, Thunder. The moderator was well within his responsibility to close down that thread and it was getting awfully rowdy. His judgment was sound and reasonable.

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    Sorry to see you go Thunder, you always had good posts.

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    And sorry to everyone involved if it was my post got the thread pulled. Though if so, no one has come out told me as such.
    It was not my intent to be snarky or rude. To me I was simply having a back and forth discussion and I have to my knowledge never made any personal attacks on these boards, always trying to keep complaints about the work and not anyone personally. I was simply trying to illustrate that I was not talking out of my derriere when I was going on about the numbers.

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    A very well-done blog on the Gonzalez Vampirella, mostly done in pictures, and with some good insight on the importance of the iconic costume and why the Bad Girl Vampi doesn't work.

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    Thank you so very much, rlvaugh, for posting the links. Vampirella was one of my boyhood fantasies and Jose Gonzalez was her greatest artist. He made Vampi so ALIVE!

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