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Thread: Warlord of Mars Annual #1

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    Default Warlord of Mars Annual #1

    Just finished reading this, and enjoyed it quite a bit, despite being only a 25-page story. The Fall of Barsoom 11-page "preview" (?? Huh? The series is over!) was mere padding - this should have gone to the main story pages or supplementary material on all things Barsoomian.

    But it definitely made me think Dynamite should give Tars Tarkas his own miniseries. And then I thought, why not a Carthoris or Thuvia series? Why should Carter and Dejah Thoris have all the fun? Since this franchise seems to be doing well, let's exploit some of the supporting characters a bit more.

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    when the main warlord of mars series comes to a close at the end of the warlord of mars story-arch

    I think they should replace it with "warlord of mars: Tars Tarkas"

    this annual is essentially a pilot of it showing how awesome the concept can be! plus we have two established Characters in tars Tarkas' past that can accompany him on his adventures, Hok and Tarkas

    and of course there should be an adaption of thuvia maid of mars, possibly called "Son of, the warlord of mars"

    and chessmen "Daughter of, the warlord of mars"

    both are public domain so no fear, they would be sorta . . . mini-mega series, ten issues rather than five

    but yes, everyone loves Tars Tarkas, and everybody wants more Tars Tarkas and the tharks!

    who knows just how many stories there are with the jolly green giant we all know and love, for example they could do a story arch explaining the arm ornament he gave to John Carte . . . Tars Tarkas is a treasure trove!

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