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Trivia for those who collected the Now series
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Thread: Trivia for those who collected the Now series

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    Default Trivia for those who collected the Now series

    Evidently, writer Ron Fortier developed quite a fondness for the character. First we'll lift from this blog...


    After writing the Green Hornet for Now comics, Fortier and co-writer Dave Darrigo wanted to produce something with a similar style but with a more modern touch. The outcome was that Fortier created the main character, the Black Scorpion, who was an African American “publisher turned crime fighter” also known as Ben Wright, and Darrigo created his young sidekick Dart.

    ...then head to this page for a pdf of the main story of the first issue.


    If this is common knowlege, I apologize, but I thought it might be of interest during a dry spell.

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    The world of comics publishing is becoming increasingly blurry. There were always independent small publishers, but now with the ability to print-on-demand, and other specialty printers that cater to small print runs, it only takes one or two people to start a comic book company. Lots of things are published now that formerly would have fallen into the "fanzine/prozine" category. The number of available titles is just too much to keep track of.

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