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Thread: The Green Hornet Strikes! - Issue 10

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    Default Haven't picked up the issue yet...

    ...but it sounds like a complete letdown.

    Dynamite seems to be screwing-the-pooch on the HORNET titles lately, which is a shame.

    That being said, I realize that I remeber barely anything about GHS. I certainly need to go back and re-read it. I must not have found it that interesting if I don't remember any of the story. Like, NONE of it.

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    An okay wrap up but not nearly worth the wait. Like how it was left open for more. Maybe Dynamite will be nice and post the two messed up pages here so we can see what they should have looked like, or in the back of an up coming issue of Green Hornet. (HINT HINT). Personally I wouldn't mind seeing more of this Green Hornet & Kato.
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