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i hope they update the reid / kato family tree
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Thread: i hope they update the reid / kato family tree

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    Default i hope they update the reid / kato family tree

    i hoping that dynamite entertainment would update the family tree to match with the now comic version of it

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    I didn't read the Now books. What changes and/or additions are you hoping for?

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    Yeah, I don't see anything like that happening. NOW had 3 generations of Hornets & Katos (Golden Age, Silver Age, and Modern) in the same universe, but it's pretty clear we aren't going to find out that Green Hornet Year One and (Kevin Smith's) Green Hornet both occur in the same universe (to say nothing of Green Hornet Strikes!). The latter two reference earlier versions (both being similar to the 1960s TV series Hornet, but obviously NOT having taken place in the 1960s in DE's versions).
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