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The Green Hornet - I'm loving it!
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Thread: The Green Hornet - I'm loving it!

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    Default The Green Hornet - I'm loving it!

    So, I was a little weary about starting the Green Hornet at the beginning mainly because I didn't like his outfit, but once I decided that it has grown on me I decided about a year ago to give this title a shot and I'm sure glad that I did! I loved the story of how Britt's kid took up the mantle and watching him train and get used to being the Hornet, I also love how Kato's daughter is kind of cold toward him and her whole attitude toward everything, it's a fun read. I stopped reading around issue #17 and now I'm re-reading the series from the beginning but I wanted to start with Year One and then Blood Ties since both take place before the core GH comic, I recently read Kato: Origins and when I'm all caught up I plan on reading Kato's modern day series as well (which I think ended recently).

    Any which way, count me in as a monthly GH fan now, I hope we can get some good GH discussion going here on the forums, I'm sure he's got some fans out there who love this book as much as I do!
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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    Wow, if you were tired before you started, you must be really worn out now after reading all those comics!

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    Magna, GH is my favorite. Ande Parks does a great job with the writing. As you can see from another discussion, there is some debate on the art. Welcome to the Hornet's Nest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britt68 View Post
    Magna, GH is my favorite. Ande Parks does a great job with the writing.
    Thankfully it doesn't seem as though he's going anywhere any time soon.

    NickyB teased an event later in the year that would give the Hornet a boost and hopefully lead to the return of some of the earlier books (or the start of some new ones). That's the news I'm waiting on right now.

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    I actually love the Phil Hester issues, the whole angle between the church and that dude who was a skeleton with the syth arc was freaking fun as hell, as good as if not better than the arc with the Black Hornet, which I loved as well. I can't wait to see where the current story takes us, I can't wait every month for the next issue!

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    Someone one Twitter made it sound as though Ande was leaving Hornet after Outcast but he says he's already solicited for the arc after that.

    Simple confusion: He said he was struggling with his "final issue" but he meant of Outcast, not of Hornet in general.

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