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The Bionic Man ***Mega Thread***!
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Thread: The Bionic Man ***Mega Thread***!

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    Default The Bionic Man ***Mega Thread***!

    I noticed there wasn't a whole lot of discussion going on here for The Bionic Man, so I figured I'd start one and see if people will respond.

    I love this comic, I loved his fight with Hull, and I love the art in this book, it's so amazing! I wan't to see him wear that red/black suit he wore in the last issue more often.

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    I've been reading since the beginning and this is another title that I thought I wouldn't really enjoy but I ended up liking it quite a bit. I love the main character and his connection to Jaime and how she reacted when they were re-united, it was pretty damn powerful and done really well, and I also loved the knockdown-dragout battle between Bionic Man and Hull, that was one of the best 1 on 1 fights I've seen in comics in quite a while.
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