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Thread: What kind of villains would you like to see JHornet face?

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    Quote Originally Posted by positronic View Post
    That should be pretty easy, seeing as how Green Hornet Year One isn't being published any more. But I'm not happy about it, and since it isn't being published, I wish the current Green Hornet could retain more of the "pulp" feeling for the character, since it's the only Hornet book left. Ed Brubaker manages to do "pulp", even though a lot of his stories are set in modern times.
    Well, Year One was supposed to be a 12 issue maxi-series, but I was kind of hoping for a Year Two book followed by a Year Three and so on. No such luck, though.
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    Superpowered villains could work, maybe nothing too ridiculous, but something tasteful and believable.
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