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    I have gathered a grand list of proposals for Dynamite comics to consider for their thriving "Warlord of Mars" franchise, these are stories the fans would like too see. I gathered these proposals not just from this forum, but from other John Carter fan communities, asking them what sort of stories they would like to see in comic form.

    • Ten Beautiful Years - the time John Carter spent on mars, before saving the atmosphere factory . . . ten years on mars, with Tars Tarkas, Dejah Thoris, and a beautiful white egg waiting to hatch
    • Ten Long Years - The ten years John Carter was stranded on earth away from his family and true home.
    • Warlord of Earth - John Carter tells the story of his days in ancient Rome, as a soldier and a fierce worshiper of the god mars (perhaps he is Lepidus the centurion?)
    • Woola Alone - A story best suited for an annual, it details the crisis of Woola after John Carter disappeared from mars after saving the atmosphere factory
    • A Guide to Mars - An in-depth look at the world of (Dynamites) Warlord of Mars, a chance to retcon some of the various issues with continuity, to name the various background creatures that have colored the pages, and to create what could be considered a style guide for the artists to help maintain consistency in the world. (Setting the national colors of all the nations, the standard clothing, determining racial traits, lots of stuff to be done)
    • Warlord of the Worlds (or, War of the Warlords)- John Carter comes across a mysterious crystal egg, which leads him to a kingdom of highly evolved Kaldanes, who have nearly accomplished their dream of being all-mind (the Martians of H.G. Wells).
    • Warriors of Mars (sequel) - A series based on Gullivars travels of mars, using content that was cut from the original book. He would travel alongside the kind Thither woodsman (a favorite character of all fans of the book) and learn more of this world that he now calls home.
    • Journey of Mars - An incredibly loose crossover with the (public domain) book "Journey to Mars" another book said to influence burroughs, it is largely incompatible with Barsoom . . . but perhaps some of its concepts are salvageable? Such as the plutonians!
    • The Heart of Mars - Burroughs gave both the earth, and the moon in his books a hollow center . . . who is to say, that Barsoom is not a hollow sphere? After all . . . the surface water had to go somewhere!
    • Tarzan of Mars - While there have been a few instances of Tarzan traveling to mars, I think that perhaps dynamite could do it the best! Perhaps if they ignore the temptation of having the two heroes fight (boring) or maybe just letting tarzan have his own barsoomian tale without John Carter interfering to much!
    • The Further Moon - Edgar Rice Burroughs explored the surface of Thuria the nearer moon of barsoom, what of the further moon?
    • Son of, The Warlord of Mars - An adaption of Thuvia Maid of Mars (public domain), spanning 10-15 issues, bigger than most mini-series
    • Daughter of, The Warlord of Mars - An adaption of The Chessmen of Mars (public domain), spanning 10-15 issues, bigger than most mini-series.
    • Legends of Barsoom - A series of comics illustrating the creation myths of each of the races of barsoom, different artists for the bulk of each issue so that the styles can be different, with a consistant artist doing the blocking that shows John Carter asking people of their myths.
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    I guess nobody likes any of these ideas XD
    Let Disney know, that you want to go Back To Barsoom.

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    nah enough with those titles already. I'm not into that stuff lol

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