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Thread: August solicitations for Dynamite yet?

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    Default August 2014 solicitations for Dynamite

    Does anyone know if Dynamite's August releases have been announced yet?
    (And if they have, where is the list?)
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    Found them:

    Looks like just JUSTICE, INC. #1 (of 6) for me this month.

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    The Battlestar titles for me this month.

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    Definitely Justice Inc #1 for me.

    Considering a good launch of Captain Victory--hoping to see preview pages first--I like my Kirby stuff really cosmic!

    Love Flash Gordon! Everyone should be picking this one up!

    Dejah Thoris of Mars--I am a ERB fan! Great news that ERB and DE are now officially teamed up!

    Considering the Steam-punk version of Battlestar Galatica--like Legendary, I might just wait for the trade.

    Again, DE sucks my wallet dry.

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    Looks like we're down to just 2 pulp titles a month now. (I'm counting ERB stuff, King Features stuff, and spinoffs like Lady Zorro in different categories.)

    Made a list, and of about a dozen titles, about half of them are "maybe, wait and see"-type stuff. A lot is too new or by creators I'm not familiar with, so who knows. Maybe I'm down to just a half a dozen DE's in a few months from now. Except for Solar, I probably won't continue past the first story arc on the other Gold Key titles (seems like I'm not even getting the option with Spektor).

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