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Thread: Dynamite solicits GREEN HORNET: YEAR ONE Special #1 for December!

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    Buddy Saunders (Lone Star Comics, a/k/a has it in stock for cover price. Not sure what the shipping would cost. Maybe you could find a few other things from your want list, they're pretty reasonable.

    Actually, you could order it straight from Dynamite, too.
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    My thanks, sir.

    I figured I could grab it online but I usually only order online when I have a few things to grab...

    ...maybe I ought to get the SPIDER back issues too..hmmm...

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    I have this special and it was pretty good but not nearly as good as Wagner's Year One series (which was amazing). It's definitely worth getting though to complete the Year One run.
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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