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    Quote Originally Posted by statsman View Post
    Doesn't Butcher's weapon explode the head? Leaving nothing to revive?

    You know, if Jason Aaron or Rick Remender (i.e., someone who knows how to have fun with crazy ideas) were writing this, the disembodied heads of Maeve and HL would be reattached to gorilla's bodies and re-Ved up for a comeback. To make Gorilla-Homelander even more awesome, he would need a robot jaw.
    For robot gorillas, I reckon Mike Mignola's yer man.

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    Confession- one of my earliest memories is a family cross-country drive. We were spending the night in a motel out in some small West Texas/New Mexico town like Van Horn or Deming. My brother and sister and I were supposed to be asleep, but I really wasn't. My folks weren't paying attention to the TV, and some B&W 1950s monster movie was on. All I remember is the disembodied, living heads in jars. I have never been able to shake that image, and have always hoped that someday some artist would do that concept justice, that somebody would show how disembodied, living heads are THE emblem of the American zeitgeist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Rogerson View Post
    With reference to the original post, I'd just like to add that, as a director, Garth Ennis makes Ed Wood look like Stanley Kubrick.

    Is there a movie ALREADY directed by Ennis?

    (Come on, as a director or screenwriter no comic author can suck like Frank Miller...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris View Post
    Come on, as a director or screenwriter no comic author can suck like Frank Miller...)
    I admire your optimism, however....

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    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Reading between the lines, it's a trailer for film that has not been made, and we can only hope will never be made. The one saving grace about this little epic is that, while i was searching for it, I came across this...

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