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Thread: so has vampirella gotten any better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by positronic View Post
    Actually, I'm kinda sorry I skipped Scarlet Legion now. I read the first issue, and it sort of felt like it had the feel of the old Warren Vampi. I was a little disappointed in the art and didn't continue, but maybe I should have stuck it out to see where the story went.

    HEY! Vampirella Strikes! #1 isn't supposed to be on-sale until January 2, even though Diamond shipped them to retailers today [Dec. 28]. You're breaking street date. I hope you realize someone could lose their Diamond account...

    It happened to a retailer who broke street date for Amazing Spider-Man #700.
    I know a guy who knows a guy who works in a store that actually had them already and he sold it to me under the table. Sneaky, but it's actually how I get most of my copies early.
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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    And? The book is still paid for as its rung out on the day of its release, its just been read previous to it. No harm, no foul.
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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    It doesn't matter, they won't get caught and I never named the retailer so who cares? I've been doing it for years with various publishers, so its all good
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    In my opinion , the artwork for the Vampirella series has been consistently good, but there is something I would like to see change, and I know i'm going to catch flak for this....I would like the artist to scale her breast DOWN some. Are many women with big breasts attractive? Sure. So are many women with "normal" size or small breasts.

    I just think a more realistic portrayal of the femal form would be sexier, I mean she should still be hot, I don't wanna see plain-jane-pirella, but having water flotation devices on her chest is kind of overkill, and somewhat gaudy.

    my .2 cents.
    We're all entitled to our opinions, and yours horrifies me. A woman in my life for example has a GG bra size, Vampirella to me looks like a D-cup or so, nothing particularly abnormal. Plus who cares what is "normal"? All breast sizes are great, and this kind of oddly enough discrimination against big breasted women, to me, is a very strange thing. And it's always a thing I see in comics discussion, any pair of breasts drawn is too big or "unrealistic" to someone. Saying big breasts are gaudy is just not something that should be said, because a person's body cannot be gaudy. And real life women often come with breasts a lot bigger than Vampi is drawn with.

    As for realistic portrayal of the female form, you know a woman can have a flat waist and natural breasts of say GGG or even JJ size right? Realistic is a lot more diverse than you're indicating.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
    Say that again, Brother. In the Warren days -- Vampirella was sexy . . . now she's drawn like a breast-implant-gone-bad nightmare . . .
    That's a separate stylistic issue, nothing to do with her breasts being "too big", that has to do with them being drawn orb-like or without natural curves etc. So sure, improve the quality of the breast illustration, but that has nothing to do with the size of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by positronic View Post
    The problem is, and of course everyone will feel differently about this... this is not GOOD "girl art". It isn't the least bit sexy or encouraging of a salacious interest. And it should be. The COVERS are much better in general at conveying this, but the interior art is, in a word, meh. For an opposite example of what I mean, check out Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris. Exploitation art done right, and then they went the extra mile of providing good story and characterization.
    Completely agreed. Plus it doesn't even need to be classified as exploitation, just simply in some way acknowledging and delivering some sexuality is pretty accepted today, and with the covers these have it's so odd that they don't.
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