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Thread: Anyone know when Warlord of Mars issue 23 will be out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickybdynamite View Post
    And real quick, Dejah Thoris #21 is also in stores this week!
    already have it dude!

    and might I say . . . I was worried that an assassin-themed plot would be extremely damaging to the series, as "swords of mars" is the least of burroughs books, and the assassin arch with marvel buried the series . . .

    but this series . . . surprised me, to say the least . . . this weeks issue in particular!
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    Default Good News!

    Quote Originally Posted by nickybdynamite View Post
    Hi Guys,

    Chiming in. Sorry for the delay. The next issue will be February, and we hope to catch up a little at a time. We are going to skip a month or two to catch up to solicits.

    It's a great book, and glad you guys are posting. It is encouraging to see fans asking and wanting more!

    Kaor! Thanks for the update. I was having withdrawal symptoms. I love what your doing with all your Barsoom series!


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    February 27th, to be exact.
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