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Thread: Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake Team-Up in KINGS WATCH

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    Default Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake Team-Up in KINGS WATCH

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    Good going for Dynamite landing writers of Jeff Parker's talent. I'll be looking out for this with interest.

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    Its a sad state of affairs,to report that I may have to pass.
    With MASKS finishing next month,Dark Nights will take that slot and with DC trying to bankrupt me in September with Batman "Villain Month"AND The Owl coming too,unless one of the other titles I take,namely Green Hornet Legacy or The Spider,get the chop,I simply don,t have the money

    However,if Superman Unchained stinks as much as Action Comics did,then there may be a way.

    We,ll see I guess.


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    i was actually just reminiscing about Defenders of the Earth with a buddy the other day. this is great news. and written by Jeff Parker too. can't wait.

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    Is this a mini-series or an ongoing? I have read through many different articles and interviews and still have not been able to figure it out yet. If it is a mini, do we have any idea how many issues it will be running for? Funds are tight and with all the other minis Dynamite has coming out, I have to be picky.

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    i believe its a five issue mini.

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    Count me in for this since I love Flash Gordon and The Phantom! This will be my first introduction to Mandrake, so I'm pretty excited for that.
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