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Thread: The Shadow #14

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    Default The Shadow #14

    Issue #14 is out TODAY! Who got it? What did you think of it? Discuss The Shadow #14 here and let the world know your thoughts!
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    Amazing issue! The altercation between The Shadow and the mysterious woman in white was epic and to see that she got her victim despite his room being heavily guarded by police leads me to believe that she's more than just a standard enemy. You know what's great? The Shadow has had two amazing female villains with The Black Sparrow in the previous arc and this mysterious woman in this arc, both Victor and Chris have really established some strong female counterparts to The Shadow and I think that's fantastic. I hope that we don't see this woman in white killed off for good, she would make a fun long-term villain for The Shadow if he doesn't main her in the next issue or two.

    I can't wait to see what comes next!
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    This was an awesome issue. clearly, we have a sophisticated and worthy villain for the Shadow. I like the way we are getting to see more of the Shadow's network involved. I am really intrigued with the villain's mysterious powers. The artwork was excellent. I enjoyed the early Shadow issues with him acting as a super spy, but I really like the return to the crime fighting in the city. Cant wait for #15. This title keeps getting stronger and stronger.

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    another solid issue. like others have said, i'm impressed with this villain.

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    The Light is amazing, she's such a great adversary for The Shadow and Roberson is really capitolizing on strong female villains following Gischlers awesome Sparrow character. Amazing battles, amazing art, amazing story, and stellar development.
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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    Loving this latest run, amazing stuff. Love the vibe of the characters and the world they live in.

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