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Gail's Secret Six was around for several years before the recent DC reboot, and like everything she does, is excellent.
Came across a couple of Secret Six TPBs at the shop I usually go to, wanted to see if the new Sonja is out yet. It isn't. Supposedly next week. To the point, looked at them, focuing on Simone's work. Was appalled, disgusted, and ticked off. In that order. The terms 'psychotic', 'psychopathic', and 'perverted' (in the sense of departing from what is normal and right) came to mind. By 'excellent', I presume you mean the technical skill in execution, for those stories (such as I could stomach) were that - well crafted, tight, gripping, but still P.P.P.

If those TPBs are a clue as to what Simone intends for Red, then the Sonja faithfull are chained to the wall in the most wretched of Stygian dungeons. The kindest thing to say is Prophecy on steroids.

I DO hope that is not where she will be taking us, but am not optimistic.