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Thread: New Turok setting?

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    I am dead serious about Turok Vs. Turok... I want to really see the original put space-marine-dudebro in his place. I want to see space marine thrashed and put in time out...

    even if its just a one-shot... and strangely this owuld actually make sense as an extension of the Turok Space Marine game...

    It was my first exposure to turok other than turok evolution (I had no idea what was going on in that game anyways cus I was like... 10), and i didnt totally hate it... but the dude seriously needed to get his ass kicked in nmy opinion for just being a major jerk!

    now I am older, and i know better... I like the original turok a lot more... but stiiiiilllll... I would like to see a continuation of that story, even if its just the original turok kicking space-turoks ass XD

    also if its not too much to ask... in the new turok comics... would it be possible to get a reference to the valley of the gwangi? XD

    in a lot of ways the valley of the gwangi is similiar to turok... so a reference or two to it... would be kinda awesome
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    If I remember correctly, the videogames (and DTV animated feature) came about because Acclaim purchased Valiant towards the end there. I recall that at first there was an attempt to continue certain Valiant titles, then they stopped, then a very few (mostly, if not entirely, Turok related) were published, dropping the Valiant name and being rebranded as Acclaim Comics. Again, it's unclear what Dynamite is licensing here. Is it JUST the material published by Dell/Gold Key/Whitman (aka Western Publishing)? Or does it encompass the entire pool of material forming the back history (or histories) of the characters? Which would include all material related to those characters formerly published by Valiant, Acclaim, Dark Horse, etc.

    Personally, I never was much of a fan of Turok, Son of Stone as published by Dell and Gold Key. It started a decade or so before my comic reading time (even considering that back issues of 5-10 years vintage weren't very difficult to come by). Space Family Robinson, Doctor Solar, Magnus Robot Fighter, and the Russ Manning Tarzan and Korak titles from Gold Key started somewhat later and I was able to get a smattering of those, seeking out many of the missing ones over years of collecting. I mostly hadn't re-read these for years when Valiant revived some of them in the mid-90s, but I was happy to see them at first. I thought Valiant's Solar and Magnus were excellent for the first year or so under Jim Shooter. Then they started with the line-wide crossovers and before you know it, gave Shooter the boot. A few of the other titles (X-O, Eternal Warrior) weren't bad, but I never really had any loyalty to the characters per se, for me it was more about the specific creative team working on it. A few years into it I felt most of the titles were unreadable. Turok, Dinosaur Hunter (mostly written, and sometimes drawn, by Tim Truman, other times drawn by Rags Morales) was the standout exception. So its really this version of the character that I gravitate toward and have sentimental feelings about.
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