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  1. Default Dynamite and Nick Barucci please read PULP Universe related

    Your pulp comic line is simply amazing and I'm pleading with you to get The Avenger, Doc Savage, and most importantly The Spirit and to expand your pulp universe. The Spider is my favorite book of the year, the Shadow is my runner up and anything Green Hornet is amazing, so please ride the momentum and expand your line up and see where it goes. I'm so excited for the black bat and hopefully Masks volume 2 if we are so lucky, keep up the good work.

    Currently reading: All Dynamite pulp titles, all Valiant titles.

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    Expanding the line is exactly what I was talking about in my latest blog promoting Dynamite's pulp books, I'm hoping Nick and company listen and give us what we want. There is a market in today's comics for these pulp heroes to thrive and so far their thriving pretty good under Dynamite and I'm hoping to see them unleash even more pulp character in titles over time.

    The readers are supporting these books and best of all they're enjoying them too, so let's keep the ball rolling and see where this can go. Black Bat, The Spirit, The Avenger, and maybe bring back The Phantom and let's show these comic book companies how its supposed to be done. My hard earned cash is yours, let's make it happen Dynamite!
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadster View Post
    Your pulp comic line is simply amazing and I'm pleading with you to get The Avenger, Doc Savage, and most importantly The Spirit and to expand your pulp universe.
    You're calling it a "pulp universe" when the only interaction so far has been MASKS. Obviously Kevin Smith's Green Hornet and Liss & Worley's The Spider don't inhabit the same universe as their 1938 parallel counterparts. Who knows if the Black Terror and Green Lama appearing in MASKS will be precisely the same ones that appeared in Project Superpowers. And of course the Black Bat and Miss Fury are making their first Dynamite appearances in the series.

    Interesting that you think The Spirit is "most important(ly)" since that was always a (newspaper) comic book, and never an actual pulp (and neither was Green Hornet, of course, though it too was a Golden Age comic book). More important than Doc Savage and The Avenger? 'Pulp' may be a convenient catch-all label, but there's some blurring of boundaries going on here.

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    More support of the pulps line and more books for this reader please! i will support the pulp revival by dynamite with every red cent i own and i love these books more than any comics in my few years ofl collecting them. I hope nick reads this and see's the love for these books we all have and that we want to support it!

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    I am looking forward to the Black Bat and the new Green Hornet Series, would love to see the return of the Phantom, and nothing would make me happier than a 2nd volume of Masks.

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    I often wonder about the actual number of copies of these books (particularly the no longer published ones) that are sold.

    You can look at things like Diamond Comics' monthly lists of top sellers, but that only gives part of the story, because it's only telling you how many copies retailers BOUGHT from Diamond, not how many copies the retailers SOLD to their customers. So the numbers given by Diamond are really a reflection of the retailers' confidence in a particular title. For a new title, that confidence is largely a matter of perception, not reality. Of course, in real life the former eventually has to follow in line with the latter, but I wonder how large that gap is between a first issue and a last issue. I have a sneaking suspicion that there may be a lot of unsold copies of the first few issues sitting in retailers' back issue bins.

    But I digress. I'd like to see another (not "The Last") Phantom series. I'd also like to see all the pulp characters Dynamite publishes be successful and sell well, leading to yet more pulp hero titles. But that's my own selfish wish and doesn't reflect Dynamite's need to maintain a certain level of solvency to continue as a publisher. So when they do end a title, I understand it is not to spite its fans, but with regret on their part. The unfortunate business realities of the real world.
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    Happy holidays and as always, thank you for your continued support. You'll be very happy with some of the upcoming announcements we have, and you'll be VERY HAPPY with the releases of the Black Bat and other new and exciting titles.

    There is one license that I know we won't be getting the rights to, but not my place to say. It's unfortunate, we're disappointed, but you'll know which it is when you see the announcements for the ones we do have (or when our friendly competitor announces their license).

    While disappointing, this happens, and we look to new opportunities. We're going to bring more surprises to the table.

    Again, thanks for your support!

    It's much appreciated.



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    This is exciting news, Nick!

    I'm guessing The Spirit is the character you couldn't get locked down and that DC got back the rights or someone else grabbed the license for him before you had the chance. Either way it sounds like this line is expanding and I'm totally pumped to start investing more cash into it!
    Hoping Dynamite keeps pushing PULP!

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    I only have so much money....
    DE Pull List: The Black Bat, Damsels, Damsels: Mermaids, Dark Shadows, Dejah Thoris & The Green Men Of Mars, Grimm, Lady Rawhide, Lords of Mars, Masks, Miss Fury, The Shadow, The Spider, Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris, Vamiprella: Southern Comfort

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    Well, that's a shame. I would guess you didn't get the Spirit and I would also bet he's on IDW now. A shame, but the one I was most interested in seing in Dynamite was Doc Savage (Alex Ross + Doc Savage = awesome). If you need a writer I'll do it for free Just ask me for a script sample xD

    If you end up not getting Doc I'll be a little more dissapointed (he fits really well with what you're doing with the other characters), but I also love the Spirit. So at the end of the day this is great. Not as great as it could possibly be, but great

    Also, it's amazing how much Dynamite has grown. Really impressive. Btw, anyway you can hint at how much time it will take for you to make the announcement?


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