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Thread: Warren Ellis relaunches Project Superpowers!

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    Wow.!! Finally, indeed. Looks great to see The Black Terror on the cover.
    Something to really look forward to. So, in March we'll get a look at this new take on Project Superpowers.
    Great by me. (I've whined long enough.)
    The cover looks great...I'm hopeful. Sounds like they are a few issues ahead so that maybe there won't be a problem with ...well, you know.
    Good news all around.

    Quote Originally Posted by pulphero View Post
    Well, there it is.

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    BLACKCROSS #1 (OF 6)

    W) Warren Ellis (A) Colton Worley (CA) Jae Lee

    All small towns have secrets. All small towns have ghosts. Blackcross, in the Pacific North West of America, has more secrets than most. And it is being haunted by something impossible. BLACKCROSS, a supernatural extension of the PROJECT SUPERPOWERS mythos, is a ghost story about something reaching out from the other side of the night, through the forest and mist of this remote town, to grasp at the hearts of a handful of people who may not find out that they're the targets of a strange killer until it's much, much too late.
    Man, at last. And to see the BLACK TERROR on the cover excites more than I can say.
    March can't get here fast enough. I really hope this is the point at which DE turns dramatically, and we get to see these GOLDEN AGE heroes begin to return to this title.

    Hopes are high!!
    Thanks, Pulp!!
    (thought that picture would show up, again, on this thread. Guess not.)
    What do we all think of the picture on the cover.??

    From the Norm Breyfogle site: ((Norm Breyfogle has had a stroke and they would like support from the comic book community.)
    I don't know why he doesn't have insurance. Maybe it's because, like a lot of these professionals from the 80s and 90s, as Jerry Ordway and others have said, he's not getting enough work from DC and Marvel. I know I haven't seen a lot of work from Breyfogle lately at DC, or from Marz, Ordway,Ostrander and a lot of other past writers and artists I enjoyed so much. I don't understand that. All I can conclude is that ageism is alive and well in the comics publishing industry (barring a few survivors like Levitz, Jurgens, Giffen, and Dematteis at DC). I think it's such a shame. These guys proved themselves to DC and gave it some of its greatest stories. All of them are certainly capable of doing more great work.

    Whatever the case, I hope Norm Breyfogle fully recovers and I wish him the best.

    Yes, there certainly should be support for Norm Breyfogle and ....

    Wonder if Dynamite could use a couple of experienced artists.? One at least: Ordway. Experienced writers couldn't hurt, either. Especially if they could think of ways to bring back the PSP heroes.

    P.S. Wonder who the guy is that pours gas on himself, sets his body on fire and wades into the stream??
    (Page 322 of PREVIEWS [Jan. '15])

    Does it bother anyone besides me that BLACK TERROR appears on only one of the several covers being offered.??

    A Review:
    Project Superpowers: Blackcross #1
    Written by Warren Ellis
    Art by Colton Worley and Morgan Hickman
    Lettering by Simon Bowland
    Published by Dynamite Entertainment
    Review by David Pepose
    'Rama Rating: 3 out of 10

    Sometimes you have the right characters in the wrong story. Sometimes, you have the right story, but the wrong creators. And when it comes to Dynamite's upcoming Project Superpowers spinoff, Blackcross, I think a convincing argument could be made for either theory. There's something strange and dissonant about Warren Ellis's supernatural superhero thriller, and while this series may very well improve in time, this first issue may be difficult for all but Dynamite die-hards to get into.

    To his credit, Warren Ellis and artist Colton Worley certainly know how to pace a comic, and Blackcross' opening scene is haunting with its sparseness, as a man is induced to douse himself in gasoline and light a flare. It's a great hook into this series, and this burning man wading into secluded waters is a potent image, one that's filled with potential. But unfortunately, that potential is short-lived, as we discover the series' weird chimera of a high concept: namely, a supernatural thriller featuring Dynamite's superhero catalog.

    By virtue of their amazing gifts, superheroes don't always fit into the all-too-vulnerable tropes of horror, but what hampers Ellis most is the same thing that's hampered much of Dynamite's other superhero fare - namely, if you're not already in the know, none of this is going to mean anything to you. Ellis may win some cool points with an American flag carved into a corpse - "The American Spirit," in case you weren't sure which superhero this was supposed to represent - or "Rob Fenton" having night terrors before he assumes the role of the Black Terror, but ultimately, it's a bunch of winking and nodding without any context to help a reader out. I want to read a comic - if I need to use Wikipedia to make heads or tails of it, I'll move on to something else.

    Still, even with an unwieldy concept and some even more unwieldy characters to work with, Ellis and Worley put up a good fight in terms of the execution. A scene featuring alcoholic medium Lady Satan is the most accessible and beautiful sequence of the bunch, as Worley gives her some ghostly hallucinations that almost remind me a bit of Francesco Francavilla's pulpy style. "They buried us in Blackcross," a ghostly Green Lama intones. But ultimately, it's still too little, too late - Ellis knows this story needs room to breathe, but that means he doesn't tell nearly enough to let readers know what they heck they're getting themselves into. You've only got one shot to hook readers, and I'm not sure even Warren Ellis's name will pull readers back in for more.

    Many readers can criticize Marvel and DC for inaccessible storylines - and oftentimes, they're not wrong. The difference between the Big Two and Dynamite is that there's almost a cultural osmosis when it comes to Spider-Man, the Avengers or the Justice League, as generations have been bombarded with TV shows, movies, video games and merchandise to hammer home their characters' existence, if not their high concepts and status quo. Dynamite's Project Superheroes lineup doesn't have that luxury, and with a big name like Warren Ellis to draw in new readers, they owe it to customers - and themselves - to make their characters as easy-to-follow as possible. This comic may have its haunting moments, but the thing that should haunt Dynamite the most is how much better this comic should have been.
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    New interview. Still hard (for me, anyway) to tell if it's a reboot or not from this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChastMastr View Post
    New interview. Still hard (for me, anyway) to tell if it's a reboot or not from this.
    Nor can I. We still do see our heroes in the interior art...
    ... they are "hidden" in the trees. Spooky.
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    The Bart Hill comment makes me suspect a reboot, hard or soft.

    But yet they still want to use the name Project Superpowers has as a selling point. So basically, I am not sure.
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    Thumbs up Blackcross #1

    Quote Originally Posted by leonmallett View Post
    The Bart Hill comment makes me suspect a reboot, hard or soft.

    But yet they still want to use the name Project Superpowers has as a selling point. So basically, I am not sure.
    Bart Hill makes me HOPE for a 'solid' reboot.
    I like the story so far.... Because our heroes might 'reboot' into the story. Heck, I got a little excited in the first panel when we see LAKE NEDOR.!!
    And when Bart Hill introduces himself...
    the mentioning of 'American Spirit'.
    The name 'Lady Satan' on the medium's door.
    Eerie image of The Black Terror.
    'Rob' looking at his phone....
    Bob Steward's alter-ego...
    The Pharmacy ...., I'm hopeful that this story lays the ground work... an eerie laying....of the return of the Nedor heroes.
    Will it be what I hoped.?? Still not sure.

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