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Thread: Dark Circle Comics out of the ashes of Red Circle Comics

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    Default Dark Circle Comics out of the ashes of Red Circle Comics

    Dark Circle Comics to debut a whole new line of darker superheroes.
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    I read about this on multiple comic sites yesterday and I'm pretty excited about this launch. I'm not too familiar with these characters and since its a fresh reboot I will have a chance to bond with them, I'm hoping the books are good and worth sticking with a d I'm willing to give them an honest chance. Here is an article I felt was really helpful about this upcoming line of comics.
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    It all sounds very vague. I've been a fan of Archie's superheroes in their 1960s, 1980s, 1990s (Impact!), and most recent Red Circle (New Crusaders, The Fox) incarnations. Frankly, I thought those last two titles were pretty good. Not "dark", as in 'grim & gritty', but able to straddle the line between a fun adventure and more serious threats. They didn't particularly feel like "kids' books" to me.

    The article is pretty light on any concrete details. My worst fear would be that Archie would follow into the territory of the kind of Marvel and DC superhero titles I rarely have any interest in -- dark, downbeat, and depressing stories of "heroes" who are anything but, where constant doom and gloom overhangs all the proceedings. Frankly, "Dark Circle" sounds more like the name of a horror imprint.

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    I keep thinking of the Legion of Super-Heroes villains.

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