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  • Red Rum #1

    Hmph. Probably too early to give a statement. Senseless violence is a dangerous
    thing - just read a Lobo comic and depending on the talent of the author, it can
    range from Hilarity Ensues to Epic Fail. But color me sceptical.

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    Actually, it's Red Room, not Red Rum (you must be thinking of The Shining ). And complaining about senseless violence in a Lobo story seems to be entirely missing the point; it's pretty much built in to the basic concept of the character.
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      I was dreading this after Berenton's last outing under Harris (this whole concept of letting artists write is similar to when people like Maria Shriver get to publish a "book" -- give me a break!!) but at least the first issue was bearable. The art wasn't bad and the artist didn't overplay the repercussions of the violence, at least against Vampi, all that explicitly. The promo for the next issue: "bloody, bruised & broken" doesn't auger well, however.

      Something's wrong with the Preview Post command so if this comes out jarbled it's not my fault!


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        @positronic: Of course the title was a Shining joke
        And of course I'm not complaining about Lobo violence (actually this stuff is
        as funny as a Tex Avery cartoon...if done correct) but about badly done
        violence. In advance.
        Shokoshus Hypotheses:
        - The more wacky it gets, the more tolerable. An anvil on the head won't
        hurt so much as a fist to the teeth.
        - Prolonged violence is worse. (No fanboy ever stormed the Warren central
        because Vampi caught a sniper bullet in issue askmenot.)
        - Violence against any character you tend to sympathize with is baaaaad.
        (I.e. I fear this will inevitably be the downfall of the whole concept.
        The only thing to soften the effect would be portraiting Vampi as
        arrogant, overestimating herself and dumb, so she effectively brought
        it onto herself. Can't say I'd be happy with that...)