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A Writer’s Commentary: RAY FAWKES on THE SOVEREIGNS #4, on sale NOW!

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  • A Writer’s Commentary: RAY FAWKES on THE SOVEREIGNS #4, on sale NOW!

    A Writer’s Commentary: RAY FAWKES on THE SOVEREIGNS #4, on sale NOW by Dynamite!

    Page 1:
    I just love, and want to take a moment to note, that I got to write a story that spans 50,000+ years. I think that might have been a bucket list item.

    Pages 2-3:
    May I also point out that I was throwing pages like this at Johnny - that required prehistoric tribes, future tech robot medics, a nuclear superhero on the moon and warriors from two different times helping each other and he never blinked, just nailed image after image and asked for more.

    Page 4:
    Finally we get to see something hurt the enemy. Fitting who it happens to be, of course.

    Page 5:
    I always thought that one of Magnus’ defining heroic characteristics was his will to keep fighting, no matter what the odds. To never give in to despair…

    Page 6:
    …And one of my favorite qualities of Solar, as a true science hero, is their curiosity. Even in the face of a deadly threat, they’re trying to formulate an intelligent response.

    Pages 7-10:
    Looks like Solar isn’t the only casualty of the fight on the moon. The moon itself is, uh… well… some of it is all over page 8.

    Pages 11-12:
    Not even Magnus can look at the moon cracking apart and keep cool. He knows exactly what kind of catastrophic event he’s looking at. But again… there’s that will. Oh also: “The Endgame Protocol”? Yeah, he has a plan for something like this. I mean, maybe not this exactly, but something like it.

    Page 13:
    The Solars have been separated from one another, and I love the mark of concentric rings left behind by the force of the blast.

    Pages 14-15:
    And where the Solar page was all ripples of force, these pages are all rocky walls and barriers, as Samson and Andar prop each other up and keep each other going.

    Page 16:
    Magnus’ last ditch effort begins now. Turok is gone, Spektor is gone, and now Solar is gone. He thinks he’s all alone.

    Page 17-19:
    The Endgame Protocol kicks into gear. Johnny draws great cities all around the world, armies of satellites, a blizzard of moon pieces, a man going past the speed of sound, and I just send him quiet email congratulations for his work and apologize for making him do it.

    Page 20:
    Can the future be changed? CAN IT, THOUGH? I sure hope Magnus really shows us, just like he says. Okay, I don’t hope anything, I know exactly what happens.

    But I hope you’re enjoying the book and coming back next month for the finale!