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    From Mike Wolfer's facebook page:. Thankfully the art seems free from the SJW disease and no one is trying to desex the art. The three main elements of Burroughsian art are all there. Half naked women, bare-chested muscle men and fantastic creatures.


    Mike Wolfer

    February 2 at 2:18pm

    And now, the big, official announcement! This June, American MythologyProductions and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. will be bringing you the newest, exciting chapter in the incredible Amtor saga: CARSON OF VENUS, an all-new, full color comic series! Our first encounter with Carson Napier, Duare, and more will be in "Fear on Four worlds- Part I," the first in a four-part saga that introduces readers to a cohesive ERB Universe. That's right- We're bringing all of Burroughs' worlds together into one, single, interactive universe, in a family of titles that includes CARSON OF VENUS, PELLUCIDAR, and THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT. "But what's that fourth world seen in the title of the mini-series," you ask? That announcement is coming very soon, so keep watching! (Cover art seen here by Mike Wolfer and Ceci de la Cruz.)

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    You can add THE MOON MAID to the list of AMP's 'ERB Universe" titles, making four in total. Everything looks pretty good from what I've seen so far. They seem to be released pretty slowly, so patience is required. The universe will be launched with a crossover storyline entitled "Fear on Four Worlds", and a special Halloween Comic Fest issue, GENESIS: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS UNIVERSE #0, will preview the story in a free edition designed to interest potential new readers.

    You can pre-order the new titles through your LCS using the following Diamond Comics Distributors order codes:

    APR181254 CARSON OF VENUS #1
    MAY181342 MOON MAID #1
    JUN181378 PELLUCIDAR #1

    AMP's ERB Universe is actually a continuation of the same universe which first appeared in their 2016 Land That Time Forgot miniseries. It's since been collected a trade edition, so here's the Diamond code for that, if you need to catch up:


    In addition, a related AMP reprint title will draw its content from a backup serial which originally appeared in DC's KORAK, SON OF TARZAN in the early 1970s:

    AUG181490 CARSON OF VENUS #1 PIRATES OF VENUS by Len Wein & Mike Kaluta

    Digital format versions of these titles will be made available through Amazon's ComiXology.

    Since AMP considers DC's 1970s Carson of Venus stories to be consistent with their ERB Universe, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the same also applies to the 1970s Pellucidar stories that DC originally published in its WEIRD WORLDS title. Dark Horse Comics reprinted those DC stories in a trade collection in 2017 entitled EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS' PELLUCIDAR: AT THE EARTHS CORE (unfortunately already out-of-print, it but should still be available through some retailers if you search for it).
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      Yeah and Christopher Paul Carey is doing CARSON OF VENUS FLAMES BEYOND . Theres lots of good ERB stuff from AMP. DE should ask him or ERB inc's Martin Powell to do John Carter or Dejah Thoris