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Mark Rahner, writer of The Twilight Zone: Shadow and Substance #1, talks with Eric Trautmann about Vampirella Feary Tales #4, both on sale now.


MARK RAHNER: You had a nice, long run on the monthly Vampirella series, and I’m glad to see you back. Did you miss her? And what do you like about writing her?

ERIC TRAUTMANN: I did miss her, as it happens. I had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to the property when I first wrote it—horror/supernatural fare wasn’t a genre I had played around in much. Joe Rybandt, the series’ editor, just wouldn’t take no for an answer. I felt like I’d done some good work building a fairly accessible and stable status quo for her by the time I left the book, and didn’t have any serious plans to come back, but when I was asked to contribute a story for Vampirella #100, I was surprised at how much it felt like a homecoming.

MR: Tell me about your story in Vampirella Feary Tales #4. It’s for kids, right?

ET: Sure. It’s a wholesome tale of axe murder and eating too many sweets.

MR: When you think about it, fairy tales are pretty disturbing on their own. What was your approach?

ET: I was given a list of fairy tales that had been spoken for by other writers, and the one I most wanted to do was not on that list, so it was simply a matter of extrapolating out from the end of the fairy tale in question (and I’m not immediately naming it to avoid spoilers), and just adding Vampirella to the mix to make sure there was plenty of murder-ness.In terms of approach, I wanted to take the general level of weirdness and amp it up just a little; there’s always a hint of whimsy and humor in fairy tales, and as you’re already quite aware, humorous Vampirella stories work very well.


MR: Related: “Just Add Vampi” seems like a winning strategy in all sorts of areas.

ET: It actually does, doesn’t it?

MR: Your story in Vampirella #100 is called “The Vodnik.” I was excited because I thought it had to do with vodka. Can you please explain yourself?

ET: Sadly, no, it isn’t about vodka. It’s about murder, tobacco, gambling and other vices, though. Your continuing disappointment in me is just one more cross I have to bear, I suppose.

MR: What can you say about the folklore without spoiling too much?

ET: When I sat down to write my chapter of Vampirella #100, I knew that space was an obvious consideration, so I wanted to do something atmospheric, character-driven—there wasn’t a lot of room to develop a big conspiracy plot or some such. An excerpt from a book of folklore being run over Vampirella dealing with a minor monster infestation seemed to fit the bill.And, as often happens, I started researching weird monsters and ran across the Vodnik—a Czech water troll. There’s actually a statue of one near the Charles River bridge in Prague, and it just felt right. Then I started looking for a U.S. location to have a Vodnik hole up, and the bridge I chose (in Chicago) is actually being torn down. The story just sort of wrote itself from there. Like you said: Just add Vampi.

MR: I grew up loving short stories – Matheson, Ellison, Fredric Brown. It’s a dying art, and I think it’s harder to write short than long. What do you think?

ET: Sometimes it’s alarming just how similar our influences are, especially Richard Matheson and — in my personal “canon” — most especially Harlan Ellison.That said, I’m much more comfortable working long form; my first comics work was 32 pages, no ads, and that spoiled me for life. It’s challenging to stretch my long-dormant short fiction muscles. I had the good fortune to be asked to contribute to Vampirella Feary Tales #4, Vampirella #100 and Red Sonja #100 at roughly the same time, so it was a pretty effective refresher course.


MR: Would you care to say a few words about Vampi’s costume? Just briefly, of course … since it’s a subject no one has anything to say about … and I wouldn’t want to waste the time of people who don’t feel strongly about it.

ET: I had been accused of “hating” Vampirella and her costume when I kicked off the Dynamite “era,” which isn’t true. There were specific reasons I chose to downplay it (despite it showing up on every cover, and later, re-appearing in the course of the story), in part to make it easier to adapt to film or television. I have fondness for the costume, but the tone of my roughly twenty issues was darker, more “realistic” (for lack of a better term) and it made it tougher to justify someone running around not really wearing clothes. People wear costumes for special occasions, not everyday walking around town. Some people loved it, some people hated it.The irony here is that, after the pseudo-“controversy” of redesigning Vampirella’s costume in “my” run on the main title, I wrote “The Vodnik” from her point-of-view; we see the story almost totally through Vampirella’s eyes until the last page. I fully expected her to appear in her traditional “costume” rather than the street clothes, and didn’t specify a costume in the script.So Dave Acosta — who did a magnificent job illustrating both this and the Red Sonja #100 piece — drew her in the Armani anyway.

MR: What’s next for you? Is it vodka?

ET: I’m more of a scotch guy.The next comic project from Dynamite I contributed to is Red Sonja #100, which comes out in February (and is more of a horror/weird tale than anything I’d written for her before).
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Did you pick up this week's new release from us at your Local Comic Shop or favorite online/digital retailer yet? VENGEANCE OF VAMPIRELLA #7 is a fantastic spot to jump right into the series and immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic Vampi inspired by the 1990s.

But importantly, here's a heads up on a sale ending just around the corner. If the corner was the day - as this one closes out tonight! The Dynamite Select Sale on ComiXology is so named because we selected a grouping of 50 of our bestselling graphic novels and a couple hidden gems. 50 for 50% off too! Each one of these complete stories is a surefire way to entertain yourself with some great comics.

This sale encompasses so many fun characters, genres and creators. Try out our best-reviewed series in recent years with Kieron Gillen's Peter Cannon. Or the reunion of legends Roy Thomas and Esteban Maroto for a new standalone Red Sonja story, decades after the pair established her iconic look in early stories. Share some reading with the kiddos in your life with Kelly Thompson's all-ages modern take on Nancy Drew or the first-ever Sweet Valley High graphic novel. Take a crack at what Warren Ellis has labeled the definitive adaptation of the Dracula story. Plus so much more!

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Tomorrow (Friday), master painter Lucio Parrillo will be joining creator and self-publisher Billy Tucci on the PopXP Youtube channel. Lucio will be discussing his career as a comic book cover artist, the decade of beautiful contributions to Dynamite titles, and most of all his current and first-ever crowdfunding campaign for his exclusive Vampirella variant.

Click here at Noon EST Friday to watch the discussion. (9 AM PST, 5 PM BST).

Billy himself is no stranger to Vampirella and crowdfunding, as his independent creation Shi crossed over with the Daughter of Drakulon back in 1997 and then again last year for a special dual anniversary celebration cover. He's successfully crowdfunded a big comeback for Shi with the upcoming Return of the Warrior. And through PopXP (formerly known as Crowdfunding Comics) with Nile Scala, he's made waves talking to comic book pros from all corners. Guests have included Marc Silvestri, Humberto Ramos, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Brian Pulido, Erik Larsen, Chuck Dixon and countless more.

Click here to check out Lucio Parrillo's exclusive Vampirella cover on Indiegogo

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Dynamite and Fanatical announce a goodies-stuffed digital comics bundle - available right now!

The clock is already counting down, so check out the deals! - Dynamite & Fanatical Bundle

This promotion launches as part of Fanatical's BundleFest, coinciding with several additional deals for all kinds of fans, across comics, video games and more. Featuring over 70 individual issues and a dozen graphic novels, the Dynamite bundle touts a whopping 95% savings on over $300 worth of great comics.

Across three tiers starting at just one dollar, fans can fit their haul to their budget. Particular highlights include the timeless cartooning of upcoming Green Hornet artist Anthony Marques in the Savage Tales of Vampirella one-shot. Or the 380-page tome of Vampirella's earliest stories. And the beautiful and badass portrayal of Red Sonja by artist Carlos Gomez with the whipsmart writing of Amy Chu. As well as Van Jensen and Dennis Calero's pitch-perfect adaptation of Ian Fleming's original James Bond novel to the graphic novel form.

Other creators who contributed to books in the bundle include Mike Carey, Steve Niles, Nancy A. Collins, Greg Pak, Vita Ayala, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jim Zub, Max Bemis, Roy Thomas, Leah Williams, Ethan Sacks, Michael Moreci, David Avallone and countless more!

Check out the offerings available in each tier below, with each successive one also including previous items.

$1 Tier
Army of Darkness Furious Road #1 – 6
Barbarella #1 – 6
Centipede #1 – 5
Savage Tales of Vampirella
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time #1 – 6
The Bionic Man vs The Bionic Woman #1 – 5
For just a single buck, that's $60 worth of top tier comics!

Read More Here

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Yep, it's streeeeetch goal time! The campaign has been such a success so far that we're bringing in some extra goodies for everyone who's already joined the party, and those yet to come on in. Over the holiday weekend, we passed $26,000 and 200 backers. And one very lucky collector locked themselves in for Lucio's one-of-a-kind original painting! A huge congrats to that fan!

To show our gratitude for all this support, we are setting a stretch goal of $30,000 which will give every physical backer a promo trading card of Lucio's breathtaking masterpiece. This card will feature a minimalist design to emphasize the artwork itself, and as with the comics will be incredibly limited based on the number of backers of the campaign.

Check out the campaign now and help unlock the stretch goal!

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Coming soon...

Two fantastically talented creators. One badass and historically crucial character. A groundbreaking story. Gorgeous artwork. Available directly for the fans through crowdfunding.

Billy Tucci and Maria Laura Sanapo have a classified project they're cooking up. If you poke around social media, you may figure it out... Or just click below for the partial reveal and to sign up for updates. We'll show you some more teases as the launch approaches, and will let you know ASAP when it's live.

Click Here To Get The Latest Teases & Updates!

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Super sales are ending and continuing, and ComiXology is full of energy with the industry getting back to full steam!

First of all, check out the first new release from Dynamite in a while, with RED SONJA #15 available now! Critically acclaimed writer Mark Russell continues to weave this witty grounded yet action packed tale of Sonja the Red, now dealing with being Queen of Hyrkania in "peacetime" in Year Two. The art by Bob Q balances impressive action and cartooning for a classic, timeless style. Reviews have been great, so check it out!

Our Sci-Fi sale ends tonight! 13 thrilling graphic novels are deep discounted, as well as all their respective single issues. Below are some of the standouts included, but click here to browse the full sale!

It's still running for a couple more days, but don't gloss over the Dynamite Select Sale either! With a huge selection of 50 books, there's something for everyone!

And for a recommendation from us, we advise straddling both sales and piecing together a binge reading collection of work from the master Howard Chaykin! You'll find all the below books across these two spectacular sales. All of these are whipsmart tales that pushed against the boundaries of comics and continue to inspire readers and creators today. Though we warn that they do employ mature subject matter.

05/19/20 @ 7:37 pm EST
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Yep, we heard you! Many fans were asking for a graded option on this crowdfunded variant cover, and we made it happen. Now every version of the cover is available graded, and as a bundle. In addition to all the awesome existing options and add-ons. We're guaranteeing a 9.8 grade too! Keep the great ideas coming and maybe we could have another fan-inspired update!

Get yours now on Indiegogo!

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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to brand new comic releases from Dynamite! It's been a while, but everything seems to be getting back on track. At Dynamite we're choosing to ramp back up slowly while leading off with heavy hitters, to accommodate fans and stores in different circumstances. For our glorious planned return to an official New Comic Book Day on May 20, we've got Red Sonja #15 here for you!

#BackTheComeback and make sure to play your part in making the industry come back strong! Check with your Local Comic Shop about any changes to hours and policies while we get everything revved back up. Stay safe, and most of all #ReadMoreComics!

RED SONJA #15Writer: Mark Russell I Art: Bob Q

Covers A: Jae Lee I B: Joseph Linsner I C: Bob Q

Covers D: Marc Laming I E: Cosplay (Katy DeCobray)

Adam Gorham 7-Copy INC I Andrew Pepoy 10-Copy INC I Roberto ...

05/18/20 @ 3:26 pm EST
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Guess what? Dynamite is back in stores this week! Make sure to grab RED SONJA #15 and #BackTheComeback. Check with your store about hours and details. But many of us will still be dealing to some extent with the quarantine and social distancing. So we are going to continue sharing these fun videos with you. Subscribe to us on Youtube to get notified as soon as they go up.

This time we have writer extraordinaire David Avallone. Or do we? He seems to be deep undercover with a suave mustache. Bringing that trademark humor that makes his work on Elvira and Bettie Page so beloved by fans. After watching this, head to David's own channel to see him talk about and read classic pulp fiction.

Can you tell if it's the real Avallone?

To support David and Dynamite, check out some of his work below! We recommend contacting your Local Comic Shop about their availability to support the industry and your community. We've also included links for other options.


Writer: David Avallone I Art: Dave Acosta, Fran Strukan

The Mistress of the Dark has become unstuck in time! Elvira crashes Mary Shelley's monster weekend, beginning an epic journey through horror history, stalked by the most terrifying nightmare to ever walk the Earth. (No spoilers!) Writer David Avallone (Bettie Page, Doc Savage, Twilight Zone) and Dave Acosta (Doc Savage) bring you the thrills, chills and double-entendres ...

05/16/20 @ 12:41 pm EST
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Yes, that's right! Lucio's new exclusive Vampirella cover completely blew away its initial goal. In just half an hour enough fans supported his variant that it will officially be printed. You can join them right here!

We're thrilled to be working with Lucio, one of the top tier cover artists in the industry and an unparalleled painter for his flavor of the macabre. His visions breathe life into the characters with a vitality that is seldom seen. And this breathtaking portrayal of Vampirella is one of his greatest ever. We've been proud to work with him for nearly a full decade and play a role in his meteoric rise.

Jump over to the campaign page to look out for more videos of his painting process and stretch goals announcing soon!

And share the project with your buddies! Click here to share the campaign on Twitter now.

Get Your Exclusive Vampirella Comic Here!

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