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spider man into the spider verse nicolas cage spider man noir

Collider is reporting that Nicolas Cage has been cast as Spider-Man Noir in the coming Sony animation venture, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

For the uninitiated, Spider-Man Noir is a darker, slightly-steampunk version of Peter Parker, whose origins took place around the Great Depression.

Of course, some of us fondly remember Cage as Ghost Rider in two Sony films. Most recently, he voiced Superman in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

Now THAT is versatility!
07/15/19 @ 2:29 pm EST
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Dynamite proudly announces a statue bust reproducing Stanley "Artgerm" Lau’s not-yet-released, yet already classic cover for Vampirella #2!

This 7.5 inches tall high quality resin bust is Dynamite's most unique rendering of Vampi to date. Artgerm's haunting cover has been expertly translated to the third dimension by veteran sculptor Steve Kiwus. To then be meticulously hand-painted, right down to the heroine's bloody "outfit."

Dynamite already knew that anything Artgerm tackled would turn out spectacular, but the entire team jumped out of their shoes when they saw his latest sultry yet fierce take on the Daughter of Drakulon. When fans went wild following its reveal, everyone knew it just had to be brought off the page and onto the shelf! The pose and scale of the image was perfect for a bust. With the added bed of detailed three-dimensional skulls for a base, it turned out even better than expected! More detailed photos from the produced piece will be shared closer to release.

"It has been a wonderful experience working with Dynamite and contributing my first comic cover to Vampirella’s legacy. It’s even more exciting to see my art come to life with this bust format statue, which is a first for me," said artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. "For all Vampirella fans out there, I hope the statue will be a great addition to your collection and a reminder of how much you love this beautiful and deadly lady."

The bust is priced at only $89.99, allowing even more fans of both Artgerm and Vampirella to pick up this exceptionally striking collectible.

Not only is Dynamite releasing this collectible statue - there is also a new Artgerm Vampirella cover! This October's issue 4 will ...

07/15/19 @ 2:27 pm EST
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Lucio Parrillo's long history with Dynamite is showcased for fans in new deluxe art book!

Today Lucio Parrillo is one of the most in demand and acclaimed cover artists in the comics industry. Long before this was universally acknowledged, Dynamite recognized Parrillo's masterful painting abilities and worked with him on countless covers for the biggest titles. The Dynamite Art of Lucio Parrillo is a deluxe hardcover art book reprinting these pieces on oversized high quality paper without logos or other distractions so fans can marvel at the work. It's just one step away from seeing the paintings in person!

"I have been working with Dynamite for over 10 years and have made so many covers of Red Sonja, Vampirella and many other important characters," said Lucio Parrillo. "I grew artistically studying the artists of the past and frequenting the museums of Paris, Rome and Florence. My style blends 19th century classics with a modern twist. Traditional painting techniques are more rare in today's market, with so many going digital, and I think that is a part of what attracts my fans to me."

Parrillo is recognized as one of Red Sonja's greatest cover artists, depicting her throughout her storied barbarian life. He's painted the fiery heroine's early and later life, including the covers of almost every issue of the Queen Sonja series. Parrillo has also crafted countless covers for everyone's favorite Drakulonian, Vampirella! His often dark compositions stick in the minds of collectors. Just as at home in pulpy jungles and Martian sand, Parrillo has also added to the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs's creations John Carter, Dejah Thoris and Tarzan. Plus even more covers of zombies, pirates and the Chaos! Comics crew!

Add it all together and that's 200 pages of amazing sci-fi ...

07/15/19 @ 10:45 am EST
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Dynamite announces a new Vengeance of Vampirella ongoing series to continue the iconic heroine's 50th anniversary celebration!

Swooping in on bat wings in time for Halloween, this series is quite special. Prolific Vampirella writer Tom Sniegoski (Punisher, Angel) returns once more to the Daughter of Drakulon - and picks up exactly where he left off in 1996! Sniegoski is joined by hot new artist Michael Sta. Maria (Fathom, Jirni). 

"If somebody had told me just a few years ago that I'd be able to come back to a character I have great affection for, and pick up with her exactly where I left off 25 years ago, I would've said that it would never happen," said writer Tom Sniegoski. "But here I am, smack dab in the horrific, apocalyptic world that I set up for Vampirella and never got to play in. And I haven't heard the word 'NO' yet, no matter how insane the idea. Just wait until you see Michael Sta. Maria's art, peoples' new favorite Vampirella artist is about to be unleashed! Can you tell I'm excited?"

The original Vengeance of Vampirella series made a huge splash in 1994 with a jaw-dropping wraparound cover by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, depicting Vampi bathing in blood represented by swaths of red foil. Vampirella lead the pack in the "bad girl" craze and consistently placed in Wizard Magazine's coveted top 10 lists for characters and hot titles. 

For two and a half years, Sniegoski wrote almost all original Vampirella stories across the flagship series, spinoffs and crossovers. His epic run concluded with the Death & Destruction limited series co-written by Christopher Golden and featuring a breakout performance by artist Amanda Conner. Vampi went through her own epic deconstructive storyline in the 90's, similar to titans ...
07/10/19 @ 3:24 pm EST
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With the Amazon Prime Video premiere of The Boys on July 26, Dynamite and Humble Bundle are inviting fans to look back on Garth Ennis's iconic career and stock up on big hits and overlooked gems alike!

The bundle will only be available for a short time, so check it out here! - Garth Ennis Comics Bundle!

The "Pay What You Want" structure used by Humble Bundle gives readers the chance to adjust their purchase exactly to their budget. Three distinct scaled tiers offer the chance to buy up to almost 200 issues - which comes out to over 4,600 pages! All with unbeatable savings of up to 99% off!

The cherry on top is that proceeds from this bundle sale will be contributed to EveryLibrary Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to research, data, training and education concerning libraries and librarians across the United States and globally. Libraries play an integral role in societies as a hub of knowledge, and many comic book readers discover their passion at local libraries thanks to librarians' overwhelming support for the art form. Quality libraries strive to make available works literary and boundary-pushing artists like Garth Ennis.

Garth Ennis is one of the most acclaimed creators of this era - or any other! Thousands of fans on Comic Book Resources ranked him in the top 15 comic writers of all time! Despite largely steering clear of the mainstream superhero genre, nearly every dedicated comic book reader has had the pleasure of reading one of his stories. The writer redefined the popular antihero John Constantine and from there created one of the cornerstones of DC's mature readers Vertigo imprint with Preacher. That series imprinted on the minds of such talents as comedian and producers Seth ...

07/09/19 @ 5:24 pm EST
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Ian Fleming's second James Bond novel is being adapted to the graphic novel format this fall. Live and Let Die follows the successful Casino Royale release and agent 007 as he traces stolen pirate treasure from the smoky jazz clubs of Harlem all the way to the formidable shores of Jamaica.

Writer Van Jensen (Flash, Green Lantern Corps) returns for this entry following his critically acclaimed Casino Royale graphic novel with Dennis Calero. This time, Kewber Baal (Army of Darkness, Jennifer Blood) has been enlisted to provide art. Complimented by his steadfast partner Schimerys Baal's (KISS) coloring. Fay Dalton (Vampirella) returns to bestow Bond fans with another sleek noir-inspired cover. This top tier creative team is primed to tackle one of the most unique Bond adventures.

In Live and Let Die, Bond is at first sent across the Atlantic to The City That Never Sleeps to investigate Mr. Big, an agent of the Secret Service-opposed SMERSH. Fan-favorite CIA agent Felix Leiter is brought in to help, as the two uncover a plot full of voodoo and deadly sea creatures... There is also the unforgettable "Bond girl" - the beautiful and talented tarot reader Solitaire.

"Live and Let Die is an intense sprint, full of huge action and terrifying villains," said writer Van Jensen. "It's both a mystery and a thriller, as Bond digs into the world of Mr. Big and fights to survive against sharks, and even a very hungry octopus. To work in the world that Ian Fleming created is an incredible honor. This was a particularly fun project, given how grandiose it is, full of intricate action set pieces and fun visuals. Translating the novel to comics was all about staging those beats in the most fun, ...

07/02/19 @ 3:47 pm EST
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Dynamite announces a fun-tastic contest for aspiring artists to get their work published in a Vampirella comic!

Vampirella is spreading her wings once again and entering Local Comic Shops for the launch of her new 50th anniversary ongoing series. Featuring writing by the fan-favorite and critically acclaimed Christopher Priest and the first mainstream American work by Turkish comics legend Ergün Gündüz. Plus jaw dropping cover work from Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Frank Cho, Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes, Joe Jusko, Guillem March and more across just the first couple issues! All this follows a 50 year history of Vampirella featuring cream of the crop writing and art, as well as building careers along the way! Dynamite has decided to bring fans and aspiring professionals into that tapestry!

Artists are encouraged to create illustrations (or other visual media!) of Vampirella over the next 10 days to show off their art. They can then post them to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #VampiFanArt and tagging Dynamite. Pieces will be reposted to Dynamite's Instagram for the whole community to enjoy. At the deadline of XXX, the Dynamite post with the most likes will be published in Vampirella #2 releasing in August. Artists are also welcome to depict other characters and elements of Vampirella's world, including Pantha, Adam Van Helsing, Pendragon, Evily, Draculina, Lilith and others.

From her very genesis, Vampirella has been portrayed by unique and talented artists. The original Vampirella #1 from 50 years ago featured the truly iconic Frank Frazetta cover, with Vampi's costume designed beforehand by cartoonist Trina Robbins. Inside the magazine, Tom Sutton's clean line depicted everyone's favorite heroine in a flirty short story debut. Through the Warren years, many other artists made their mark on the character such as ...

07/02/19 @ 3:45 pm EST
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Dynamite is unleashing for the holiday season a stunning statue featuring Frank Thorne's famous Red Sonja!

Fans can add this 1/6 scale quality resin piece to their collection in December 2019. Sculptor Steve Kiwus brought Thorne's iconic cover for Marvel Feature #4 into three dimensions. All the details of her intricate chainmail armor, deadly weaponry and powerful pose have been adapted to this new form. Plus a sturdy shield design for a base to support her 12.5 inch height. The statue is also available in black and white and "berzerker" editions.

Red Sonja's publishing history goes back nearly 50 years with an elite list of writers and artists contributing to her Hyrkanian sagas. It is hard to argue that any one creator has impacted her popularity and reputation more than Frank Thorne. His detailed page layouts, visceral action and a dash of eroticism in the Red Sonja stories exploded her from a footnote in Conan lore to a bonafide solo superstar. Thorne and the Sonja fanbase of old even played a pivotal role in popularizing the art of cosplay!

"The Vampirella Statue by Jose Gonzalez celebrating her 50th anniversary was such a success that we knew fans deserved a classic Red Sonja statue to match! But to have a great piece capturing the essence of Frank's artwork, we needed a sculptor who would create the most compelling statue, and that is Steve Kiwus. I'm proud to be working with someone as talented as Steve to bring Frank Thorne's great 2D cover into a great 3D statue!," said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. "No artist defined our fiery-haired heroine more than Frank Thorne and fans will love this piece!"

This statue is ...

06/26/19 @ 10:58 am EST
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Vampirella is flying high for her big 50th anniversary! Dynamite proudly announces that the upcoming Vampirella #1 has blasted through expectations and is a massive success! The upcoming issue by writer Christopher Priest, artist Ergün Gündüz and a range of top tier cover artists fronted by Frank Cho will have an initial print run of 130 thousand copies!

This historic number includes all orders through Diamond, specialty retailers and creator exclusive covers. This incredible sales number is the highest for a full price comic in Dynamite's storied 15 year history. Furthermore, 130 thousand copies is higher than all recorded paid circulation numbers for the original Vampirella magazine - making this possibly also the best selling Vampirella comic book of all time! Dynamite cannot wait to see where things shake out on the charts with such strong offerings from competitors in July!

Dynamite is confident in this blockbuster new series and made the first issue returnable for retailers, which is also continuing for the second issue to allow retailers to order aggressively with minimal risk and maximum reward. Retailers can order without worry and be prepared to serve the needs of Vampirella diehards who go back 50 years themselves as well as the growing crowd of new fans!

"We cannot express enough how appreciative we are for the support from fans, retailers as well as support from retailers outside of the direct market and talent who have created covers for their own sales," said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. "We knew we had a great creative team on this title with the incredible Christopher Priest being complemented by the lush art of Ergün Gündüz, and breathtaking covers to match. The 50th Anniversary will only happen once, so everything had to be perfect. Everyone from the ...

06/21/19 @ 11:41 pm EST
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Help us celebrate 45 years of Red Sonja by spreading the word about the Red Sonja statue by Frank Thorne Indiegogo campaign!

For a chance to win the RED SONJA AMANDA CONNER STATUE - BLACK & WHITE EDITION, share a post on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) with your friends and followers using the hashtag # #RedSonjaStatueFT, tagging @DynamiteComics and sharing this link to show everyone the current Frank Thorne statue Indiegogo! You can send out the message once a day until 6/30/19.

Here's a suggested sample post:

Check out the @DynamiteComics Frank Thorne Red Sonja statue on @indiegogo right now!

Head to their page to see how to enter the #RedSonjaStatueFT contest too!

More rules and details can be found on our website here.

Help the campaign reach its goal!

To support the campaign, visit: RED SONJA by Frank Thorne

06/21/19 @ 7:02 pm EST
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Head over to Indiegogo today to check out the Frank Thorne Red Sonja Statue in all its glory! The 1/6 scale resin piece is available to preorder right now. Steve Kiwus sculpted this statue based on the iconic cover of Marvel Feature #4. Thorne of course defined the character through the 1970s with his intricately detailed line work that was fierce and heroic yet also seductive. Laying the groundwork for a fan favorite heroine who is still kicking in comics and collectibles to this day, over 45 years later! Pledge now to make sure you get your statue early and a low number in the production run.

Support the Red Sonja Statue Here!

In addition to the statue, there are tons of other reward options on Indiegogo available at great values. For fans new and old, the perfect complement to the statue or standalone purchase is a bundle of Frank Thorne's Red Sonja stories themselves! Luckily, Dynamite has reproduced this material in two attractive ways!

First is the Adventures and Further Adventures of Red Sonja trade paperback line. These volumes reprint all of Sonja's classic solo stories originally published by Marvel. Further Adventures includes rare short stories from the Savage Sword of Conan magazine. All of these stories have been painstakingly restored and touched up with stunning colors. The cherry on top is Further Adventures is now in full color, while the original magazines were black and white. This book is the ONLY way to enjoy these classics in color. The Indiegogo page has the full set for a steal!

Go big or go home though! For the ultimate admirers of Red Sonja and classic comic book art, Dynamite has put ...

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