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07/16/20 @ 3:54 pm EST
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Miss Fury artist Maria Laura Sanapo sat down with Deanna Destito of ComicsBeat to discuss her latest project, her rising career, and what it's like being a woman drawing female characters in comics. She also dives into teaching at the Joe Kubert School and more. You can read the article here!

"I think that nowadays women are finally playing their own role without being anyone’s shoulder or waiting a hundred years to be saved by some prince charming riding a horse. (I would prefer a motorcycle XD). I’m happy for that, but it doesn’t mean that now men have to succumb."

Maria is one of the most talented artists working with Dynamite today, or in the industry in general. She continues to dazzle with her spectacular work on every project. If you're excited for Miss Fury, take a crack at some of her other projects like our Archie Comics crossover and Sheena the Jungle Queen.

Of course, make sure to head to the campaign page and support her latest! And remember, at $100,000 she'll be getting a sweet bonus as well. Only the fans can help make that happen!

Get Your Copy of Miss Fury Today! And Get Maria a Bonus!

07/23/21 @ 2:02 pm EST
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Tonight from 8 to 9 PM EST, tune into our VAMPIRELLA: 50 YEARS AND COUNTING panel for San Diego Comic Con's 2021 virtual convention.

All the secrets of the Daughter of Drakulon's fall are revealed with a cast of top tier creators. Christopher Priest has been writing the flagship VAMPIRELLA title for two years now after kicking off her 50th anniversary. Now he's coming up on issue #25, his finale. Kind of... Because after a huge event in that issue, he'll be right back for further stories in the story he has established. Then Tom Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson discuss the massive VAMPIVERSE and how it exponentially expands the possibilities for the character's lore. Artist Meghan Hetrick also joins to talk about how she's tackling covers for that title, in diverse styles and unique portrayals of the character. Writer Ray Fawkes also talks about how PURGATORI is going out solo following her tangling with Vampirella in their crossover.

Don't miss this panel, and stay tuned to the Dynamite YouTube channel if you can't catch it live!


07/22/21 @ 1:45 pm EST
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As the summer heats up, Elvira, the legendary Mistress of the Dark is busting out with a brand-new comic book tale for her fiendish fans! THE WRATH OF CON is available right now only on Kickstarter!

Elvira chimed in, "If you're like me, and I know you are exactly like me (wink), you're missing the wonderfully wacky world of San Diego Comic Con this summer. I mean where else can you go dressed like this and feel normal. So since conventions are still DOA, I'm bringing the show to you, my sweeet darlings!"

She has just the treat for everyone! Haven't you always wanted to go to Comic Con with Elvira? Well, with her "Diabolical Double D" creative partners of writer David Avallone (Bettie Page, Drawing Blood) and artist Dave Acosta (Dragon), she's whipped up a fun-filled original story to get everyone through this summer sans San Diego!

In her new story, Elvira is the Guest of Horror at the "San Diego Popculturama" convention. The only problem is, an army of angry maniacs want her head on a platter! In a tale featuring cosplay, celebrity, back issue hunting, and... ritual cult murder - THE WRATH OF CON is not to be missed!

"I've been a regular at San Diego Comic Con since 1989... (I was, um, five years old, let's say...) and it's always a big part of my summer," said writer David Avallone. "Missing it two years in a row has been a bummer, and this comic felt like a great way to honor the wonderful experience we're all missing, and poke a little affectionate fun at it as well. San Diego aside, I hope this story will be a delight for anyone who's ever gone to any ...

07/21/21 @ 9:40 am EST
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Dynamite announces a pair of virtual panels for the 2021 San Diego Comic Con @ Home, featuring an all-star cast of creators spilling the beans on all the biggest upcoming new series and projects in the Dynamite pipeline, that fans won't want to miss!

The legendary convention has delighted everyone for over 50 years, breaking news and providing fans, retailers, publishers, press, and more an annual gathering to indulge and strengthen the community. Once more, this year the convention exists as a "virtual" experience due to ongoing circumstances. Which means that fans everywhere in the world can tune in right from their computers or phones to hear about their favorite comics, movies, shows, games, and more.

On Friday July 23 from 8-9 PM EST, all the secrets of the Daughter of Drakulon are revealed in VAMPIRELLA: 50 YEARS AND COUNTING. Exactly two years ago, the curtain was opened on the huge plans for Vampirella's 50th anniversary. Now legendary writer Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deathstroke) discusses the finale of his run, but also his next huge arc and even more teases. Tom Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson dig into Vampiverse and how it completely blows the doors open on the character's lore. Artist Meghan Hetrick discusses how that new series allows her to explore so many diverse styles and portrayals. While Ray Fawkes digs into Purgatori's future after her crossover with Vampirella.

Then on Saturday from 5-6 PM, Dynamite is joined by several of its top creators to dig into all of 2021's biggest new ...
07/21/21 @ 9:43 am EST
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It has been almost exactly eight years since Dynamite brought a new take on Red Sonja by superstar writer Gail Simone and Walter Geovani to fans. Now, as the pair finish a return tale to the character, their fan-favorite run is being celebrated with a pair of limited edition variant covers by Walter!

Everyone can sign up right here for updates and to be notified as soon as the campaign launches soon on Indiegogo!

Fans can order an exclusive special presentation reprinting the creative team's historic first issue - featuring the first appearance of Dark Annisia and more, rumored to be in the upcoming blockbuster film that Gail is consulting on. Walter will be drawing two original covers ...
07/20/21 @ 2:31 pm EST
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This fall Purgatori strikes out solo in new title by acclaimed horror writer Ray Fawkes. First she dealt with Vampirella, now can she deal with herself?

Purgatori is still haunted by the nasty mind worm of Lilith, eating away at her willpower. Next she's got a coven of witches after her body for perverse rituals. All of this and Tori's unique brand of vampirism is reaching a breaking point. Not only does she suck the blood of her victims, but she also absorbs their minds and souls. Now as she comes up on over 2000 years walking the Earth, the chaos and discord of all those voices, personalities, and drives threaten to break her.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for some introspection and maybe therapy, right? Fans can get ready for page after page of bloody mayhem instead! Fans of the character new and old will get the chance to really dig into the essence of the character, on top of the explosive action that any good Chaos title delivers.

“Purgatori’s always been a wild one, and now that she’s got a solo book we’re finally going to get a chance to get into the deepest, weirdest parts of her 2000 year-old mind," said writer Ray Fawkes. "This is going to be a Hell of a ride!”

The series will be a perfect jumping on point, but also loosely following from the fan-favorite Vampirella vs Purgatori. With the reuniting creative team of writer Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark, Black Hammer), artist Alvaro Sarraseca, colorist Salvatore Aiala, and letterer Tom Napolitano, the chemistry is set for another exciting tale.

With the legendary ...

07/19/21 @ 5:07 pm EST
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Saved by a Whisker, a new children's picture book from Dynamite Entertainment, releases in comic book stores and book stores this October.

Readers of all ages will learn the incredible true story of a cat named Cozmo. As his loving family was getting ready to move across the country, he escaped and was tragically left behind, a thousand miles away from everything he knew and loved. In this new book, writer Kristen Rybandt and artist Ken Haeser will trace the paw-shaped steps Cozmo took to be reunited with his family, with the help of the Saved Whiskers rescue shelter.

The real story graced the headlines of USA Today, the New York Post,, and more. Beyond its heartfelt story, the book can help parents explain the need for compassion toward animals and the importance of shelters and community.

"It was really fun writing a story from a cat’s perspective," said writer Kristen Rybandt. "It’s really exciting to be part of this Indiegogo campaign and I hope everyone loves it as much as we love cats."

Artist Ken Haeser added, "I was honored to be asked to do the illustrations for Dynamite's first children's book. I've had some cat drawing experience, so I jumped at the chance to do it again. I think anyone who has kids or loves cats will really like this book and some of the proceeds go to help shelter cats. You can't lose!"

Dynamite has brought together the perfect team to create this memorable book. Writer Kristen Rybandt lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with two spoiled house cats of her own. She loves to volunteer with a local rescue ...

07/19/21 @ 1:59 pm EST
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Don't live the rest of your life like a schnook! Jennifer Blood is back in her own series full of booze, bullets and big action!

Once upon a time, Jennifer Blood was just like any other suburban housewife - except that she took vengeance to the streets, cleaning up the criminals connected to her past. Now she's dead, or so it seems. That nail in the coffin doesn't seem so conclusive when suddenly people start dropping like flies in the quiet cul-de-sacs of the town of Bountiful, Utah. When Bountiful just so happens to be an undercover town completely full of mobsters, Blood's possible return could start a whole war! Who will end up as the apex predator in this concentrated pond of criminality?

Writer Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies, Wolverine) tackles this new tale, following Jennifer's guest appearance in the smash hit DIE!namite Lives. He's joined by Italian artistic maestro Vincenzo Federici (Red Sonja). The creative team has had fun researching and comparing notes to make sure the Italian slang of the mobsters strives for authenticity.

"To bring back Jennifer Blood I really wanted to come up with a setting worthy of her," said writer Fred Van Lente. "The town of Bountiful is like the suburb at the end of Goodfellas, full of Ray Liottas who have cut a deal with the Feds. But Jennifer Blood doesn't cut deals, she just brings spectacularly gory vengeance to criminals who thought they'd escaped justice. Vincenzo Federici brings such a raw, grindhouse energy to this, readers are going to have such a bloody good time."

Federici added, "This opportunity is incredible for many reasons! First of all Jennifer Blood is a Garth Ennis character! Then, I'm in love with Fred's work ...

07/19/21 @ 10:41 am EST
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Yes, you read that right. Not a fake out, not a dream - Vampirella's 50th anniversary series is coming up on a massive celebration and marriage in this fall's issue #25 by Christopher Priest and Ergun Gunduz!

Can the Daughter of Drakulon cheat fate? A mysterious, innocent young man is beset with a deadly prophecy. He may just be the resurrection of the one and only deadly Dracula. But with a chance of breaking the curse with the power of love, Vampirella forges a bond in blood to save his life and destiny. Check the registry, clean your tuxedo, and save the date - October 20th!

“Like most everything we’ve done in VAMPIRELLA, expect the unexpected," said writer Christopher Priest, "Which, of course, makes it really hard to promote without giving away the surprises. It’s a tired trope to say this is a Dracula story unlike any you’ve read before - but it really is. And, unlike some other big announcements, our gal won’t be left at the altar!”

In "Seduction of the Innocent," Vampirella survived a tragic plane crash engineered by an alliance of her greatest foes - including her own mother! Readers met a diverse cast of new characters including Victory, Benny the Witch, Doc Chary, Katie the vampire groupie, the Six Marys, and more. Next, in "Interstellar," the vampiric heroine returned to her home planet of Drakulon, faced with the moral quandary of saving the mother who just manipulated her, and retracing her own origin.

Then in issues #23 and 24, the runup to the "Red Mass," Vampirella is stalked by Shane The First Man, a murderously ...

06/25/21 @ 3:52 pm EST
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Two titans of terror collide in Dynamite's latest spooky comic book series, ELVIRA MEETS VINCENT PRICE! For super fans of the two icons, Dynamite, Elvira herself, Vincent's daughter Victoria Price, and artist Juan Samu have all teamed up to present a stunning limited edition variant cover of the first issue, and it's only available on Indiegogo right now!

"Vincent was the consummate horror icon, who was beloved by millions of fans. And, yours truly was the biggest fan of them all!," said the Mistress of the Dark herself. "Back when this Mistress was just a 'Miss,' Vincent introduced me to the wacky world of Hollywood horror. His films and television shows were essential viewing for late night creature feature fanatics."

Victoria Price added, "My father loved Elvira. His face always lit up when she was around. And he felt a true kindred spirit, through the love of all things scary. He was an icon of the horror genre for decades, and I think he was happy that Elvira was picking up the mantle he had worked so hard to develop over the years. So many generations of fans looked to Vincent as the friendly face of frights and all things Halloween, and Elvira carried on that tradition."

In preparing to draw the series, interior artist Juan Samu developed several sketches and portrayals of his two titular leads to hone his craft and get approval for the likeness and portrayals. The whole team was so impressed with one of these images, featuring both horror legends relaxed together around a couch, that it had to head over to colorist Walter Pereyra for the full treatment. And that brings us to this limited time campaign!

Fans and collectors can get this ...
06/24/21 @ 2:13 pm EST
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Vampirella enters an entire multiverse of alternate iterations of herself, in this fall's blockbuster Vampiverse!

Writer Tom Sniegoski (Punisher, Young Hellboy) returns alongside co-writer Jeannine Acheson (Vampirella Valentine's Day Special) for the most expansive Vampirella story ever told. Artist Daniel Maine (Chastity) has had a blast designing versions of Vampirella from every conceivable alternate universe, and more to come in the most expansive story for the character ever! They're joined by colorist Francesca Cittarelli and letterer Taylor Esposito.

Each thread across the fabric of time and space has its own Vampirella to protect their reality. Something, or someone, is suddenly hunting them down, stealing their precious life energies. It's up to the Vampirella we all know and love to gather her special sisters and take down this threat before it destroys the Artist, the creator of all of existence. Fans will meet such fun new characters like Vamp-Bot, Cave Vamp, The Invisible Vamp, and many more.

"When Jeannine and I were working on the 2021 Vampirella Valentine's Day Special, the idea for Vampiverse was hatched," said Tom Sniegoski. "To see it actually becoming a reality is incredibly exciting, and I can't wait for folks to see what we've come up with."

Jeannine Acheson added, "When we were coming up with the idea, we never imagined Dynamite would let us do it, but here we are! I'm thrilled about Vampiverse! It's awesome to be writing my first comic series alongside all of these talented writers and artists."

Tom Sniegoski's legacy with the Daughter of Drakulon now goes back nearly 30 years all the way back to 1993. First there was the Dracula War, then Bloodshed, The Mystery Walk, Death & Destruction, and the recent Rebirth in the relaunched ...

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