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08/23/15 @ 6:32 pm EST
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Here we have a look at the cosplay cover for Swords of Sorrow #5 from Dynamite Entertainment. We also have a look at some of the behinds the scenes shots for the shoot where you can see some of the crafting that went into making the costumes and swords.

The photography was done by: Andrew Dobell

Vampirella: Mojo Jones

Dejah Thoris: Tasha MacKenzie

Jungle Girl: Chiquitita

Red Sonja: Lyons

For more on Swords of Sorrow #5, click here

08/14/20 @ 10:13 am EST
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Dynamite announces an extensive slate of sales for retailer partners on graphic novels and more this coming season in October and November, right before the holidays.

Across nearly the entire line, graphic novels, statues, trading cards and other items will be discounted significantly for retailers to get prepared for the holiday season. Titles included will feature fan-favorite stories from acclaimed creators on Vampirella, Red Sonja, The Boys, John Wick, Elvira and much more. Fans can expect to see some of these exciting goodies at their local comic shops to grab themselves or for a loved one. More details will be shared with retailers soon.

"Retailers are the lifeblood of this industry and 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone," said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. "During the shutdown early into the pandemic and continuing, we offered several sales across all our product categories and properties. Retailers were able to order our perennial graphic novels at incredible discounts, and our marketing team assisted them with the hooks and stories attached to the product to result in sales while most stories had to experiment with curbside pickup and mail-order options. As the crucial holiday season approaches, still with some uncertainty in some areas, we're re-upping our efforts in this area."

08/14/20 @ 10:11 am EST
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Coming in October, Dynamite pays homage to one of the cornerstones and early successes of comics with variant covers inspired by the dark detective.

A top-tier gang of artists contribute to the special set, and they are no cowardly lot. Across six of Dynamite's top titles, vampires, barbarians, Martian queens, and pinup queens reenact iconic covers and artwork from throughout the prolific career of everyone's favorite caped crusader. Will Robson, Jonathan Lau, Vincenzo Federici, and Stephen Mooney answer the signal in the sky for this fun project. Kike J. Diaz and Andrew Dalhouse join as colorists with Robson and Lau, respectively, forming their dynamic duos, while Federici and Mooney color themselves.

Of course one must homage the original foundation of it all. And from one bat-themed comic hero to another, Vampirella #15 portrays the iconic Detective Comics #27. Matching her new title's Hollywood connection, Bettie Page #4 is a natural fit for the theatrical Detective Comics #38, which debuted the boy wonder. Showing her boundless strength and cunning, the She-Devil With a Sword employs some over-the-knee back-breaking as Red Sonja #20 mirrors Batman #497 by the legendary Kelley Jones. Vampi and Sonja stand up to the spotlight, as Vampirella/Red Sonja #12 bows out with a tribute to Batman #9. Fitting with their shared identities of fantastical imagined technology and architecture, Dejah Thoris #9 pulls Gotham by Gaslight as a wild card. Last but certainly not least, a timeless moment from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's Batman: Year One jumps out at readers on DIE!namite #1.

"I really enjoyed doing these covers! The bat-verse is my favourite corner of the comic book world, so getting the opportunity to put my own spin on some iconic covers was an absolute treat," said Will Robson. "I really love Vampirella and ...

08/13/20 @ 3:22 pm EST
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Following the success with their crowdfunded Vampirella comic, Lucio Parrillo and Dynamite team up again on a fiery-hot limited edition Red Sonja comic on Indiegogo!

Parrillo has a long and storied history with the She-Devil with a Sword. His earliest depictions of Dynamite's sword and sorcery heroine were in the Queen Sonja series over a decade ago, and since then he's painted her across different series and many styles. To many fans, he is likely the definitive cover artist for the character based on his prolific output and top tier craft. This latest masterpiece balances two of Lucio's favorite elements of fantasy art, the beautiful human form and the raw violence that can come of it, as Sonja rests surrounded by severed heads after a fierce battle.

Fans can add this comic to their collection in a variety of ways. The standard edition with the iconic logo will fit alongside the majority of comics one picks up off the rack each Wednesday. For those looking for a more dedicated presentation to appreciate Lucio's painting, an alternate "virgin" version free of logos is available. While a black and white alteration emphasizes his adeptness with light and shadows in his work. Options for signed and CGC graded copies are available. Or get all of the above! As an add-on, collectors can get a beautiful enlarged 18 by 24 inches lithograph of the painting. The high-quality print is ready for framing.

Additional options in the campaign include a statue based on fellow Red Sonja legend Frank Thorne's art, rare promo trading cards, and the Vampirella #10 limited edition comic Lucio did. Those remaining copies are available at an increased premium now that its campaign is over, so don't miss out ...

08/13/20 @ 3:16 pm EST
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Right in time for All Hallow's Eve, Christopher Priest and Vampirella tangle with ghosts in an issue that's perfect for new readers to jump right into and is inspired by the classic Warren era.

Snuggled between Priest's first epic cycle "Seduction of The Innocent," that spanned from issues #0-14, and his upcoming Year Two epic, this issue stands on its own in classic style. In this tale, the space-vampire "superhero" Vampirella has her secret identity of Ella Normandy outed on social media. A wide selection of deeply dysfunctional fans surface, as others further judge and debate her presence. Two of these fans claim to be ghosts and seek out Vampi's help to avenge their murders.

Madibek Musabekov joins Priest for this tale and flexes their artistic muscles with unique black and white interiors - splashed with red! This horror tale replicates the aesthetic and tone of the original magazine anthologies. Dynamite recommends pairing the issue with one's preferred Halloween candy for a great time - but don't get all the sugar and chocolate on the pages!

"Having just come off a fairly complex journey in our first arc, I thought, well, now that the innocent has been seduced, let’s pause a minute to catch our breath before launching into the next escalation of our Vampirella saga," said writer Christopher Priest. "Halloween is the best time for ghost stories, and I’ve personally not read one where Vampi teams up with any, so why not? New reader-friendly, 'Hypnagogia' draws us into a ghostly detective plot as Vampi contemplates what’s coming next for her now that she’s become America’s most famous vampire!"

On the cover front, Vampi enjoys some ghastly, grisly, campy and cute portrayals for this hallmark issue. As always, Lucio Parrillo's expert painting skills bring a ...

08/06/20 @ 12:57 pm EST
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The campaign for Lucio Parrillo's gorgeous exclusive Vampirella cover ended, but it's still in "In Demand" while we get everything printed and ready for shipment. You can still sneak in your order, update for more goodies, and tell your friends.

In fact, we recommend sneaking those orders in ASAP! As on this coming Monday, we will be increasing the cost of the individual cover variations to the full MSRP of $50 each, the unsigned and signed sets to $100 and $200. So last call and get in those pledges at the current great price!

And last but certainly not least... Behind the scenes we're putting all the pieces together for Lucio's next exclusive cover. This time he's bringing his talents to our other biggest character, Red Sonja!

Pledge for the Vampirella Cover Now Before Prices Increase!

And Sign Up for Updates on Red Sonja Here!

07/17/20 @ 5:49 pm EST
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Today we are spotlighting three of the fun-tastic collectible crowdfunding campaigns from Dynamite for exclusive comic book variants and deals. All including CGC graded options too!

Dynamite is proud to be one of the leading forces in directly bringing fans exciting collectibles and projects through all of our outlets, including crowdfunding. The more grassroots business model allows for limited editions that could not be produced otherwise, as well as a connection with the fans that allows for realtime feedback with some of the best artists in the industry. Plus all kinds of extra options and add-ons that would not be feasible through a traditional avenue.

Frank Cho's Red Sonja Exclusive Variant

Frank Cho is of course a legend, as any comic fan knows. Through his early work on Liberty Meadows, to blockbuster interiors on Wolverine, Hulk, Avengers, Shanna and more, and his sought-after covers featuring Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Vampirella and other fan-favorites, he's at the top of the game. He's portrayed the She-Devil With a Sword before, but never quite like this. As his style has evolved through the years, Frank's figures have matured and the detail he includes to depict different textures is unparalleled. With longtime artistic collaborator Sabine Rich on colors, it doesn't get better than this. Now live on Indiegogo, a new black & white virgin edition is exclusive to the campaign and limited to only 50 copies! As well as not previously offered graded copies.

Mindy Wheeler's Vampirella Exclusive Variant

Artist ...

07/17/20 @ 5:45 pm EST
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Hip-hip-hooray! It is Friday! And on top of that silly rhyme and the upcoming weekend, we've got a fun surprise for Dynamite fans today. Two more beautiful covers are available for the new Miss Fury: Joy Division original graphic novel. They're live on the campaign now and you can see them below! We're calling them "The Red Fury" and "The Black Fury!" As the new featured reward tier, you can get both as a package and save on shipping!

First up is the Red Fury, with Maria and colorist Ceci de la Cruz's now-iconic image of Marla Drake all dolled up. This gorgeous piece of art just happens to be from one of the earliest pages that Maria drew for the book and that we showed to all you fans. The immense love of this page has made it just as prominent as the covers, and it's found its way onto a promo trading card and now here. Isolating the art and putting it over a clean black background really accentuates Maria's beautiful work!

The Black Fury is Billy's new cover, and is another homage to original creator June Tarpe Mills and her controversial costume-changing scenes. This one is the most risque so far, but in a classy way. Please note that the black bar below and on the campaign will not exist on your finished copy...

And guess what? Billy and Maria are soon to be live on Youtube at 3 PM EST talking about these new covers and how the campaign is going so far! Join by clicking right here!

Grab These or Add Them To Your Pledge Now!

07/16/20 @ 3:54 pm EST
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Miss Fury artist Maria Laura Sanapo sat down with Deanna Destito of ComicsBeat to discuss her latest project, her rising career, and what it's like being a woman drawing female characters in comics. She also dives into teaching at the Joe Kubert School and more. You can read the article here!

"I think that nowadays women are finally playing their own role without being anyone’s shoulder or waiting a hundred years to be saved by some prince charming riding a horse. (I would prefer a motorcycle XD). I’m happy for that, but it doesn’t mean that now men have to succumb."

Maria is one of the most talented artists working with Dynamite today, or in the industry in general. She continues to dazzle with her spectacular work on every project. If you're excited for Miss Fury, take a crack at some of her other projects like our Archie Comics crossover and Sheena the Jungle Queen.

Of course, make sure to head to the campaign page and support her latest! And remember, at $100,000 she'll be getting a sweet bonus as well. Only the fans can help make that happen!

Get Your Copy of Miss Fury Today! And Get Maria a Bonus!

07/14/20 @ 10:33 am EST
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We extended the campaign way back, but again and for the final time we come to this day. It had to happen. Lucio Parrillo's exclusive Vampirella variant cover ends today! Exactly, the clock runs out tonight at 3 AM EST (midnight PST). Don't miss it!

Make sure you get your copy of Lucio's latest masterpiece. Even if you've already backed the campaign, today is a great chance to double-check your pledge for all the sweet add-ons and special packages. Whether we're talking variations like the logo-free virgin or black & white versions, the frame-ready high-quality lithograph print, or all the extra limited edition covers we've added to the campaigns over time.

Additionally, this weekend Lucio joined Dan Fraga on his Fragaboom! Youtube channel to chat live about this cover, his career and more. If you missed it, click here to catch up on this fun conversation between two pros.

Don't Miss It!

07/10/20 @ 10:19 pm EST
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We're very excited to announce the first stretch goal for Mindy Wheeler's Vampirella variant exclusive! If you haven't joined the club already, head to the campaign and make sure you're getting this drop-dead gorgeous collectible cover. Only a limited number will be produced, based on how many backers support it.

When the campaign hits $7,000, every backer will have a sweet promo trading card featuring Mindy's art added to your package. We're not far away, so make sure to tell all your collector buds about this exclusive campaign. Now is also a great time to review your own pledge and see what extra goodies you might be interested in. In turn, raising the total and getting closer to an awesome stretch goal!

Help Unlock the Stretch Goal!

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