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With only three months until Seth Rogen's Green Hornet film, catch "Green Hornet Fever" early at Dynamite!

August 4, 2010, Runnemede, NJ - In October the adventures of the Green Hornet and Kato continues with not one, but eight new exciting issues!

In Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #8, the new Green Hornet faces his greatest challenge, as the deadly Black Hornet engages him in a high-octane duel to the death on the streets of Century City. As The Black Hornet strikes at the very heart of the Hornet's Nest, even the aid of the Kato family may not be enough to keep the legacy of The Green Hornet intact or Britt Reid alive. Only on the verge of their own destruction do Green Hornet and Kato realize that Century City itself faces an equally disastrous fate.  Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #8 is written by the man himself, Mr. Kevin Smith.  Teamed up on art duties is his faithful sidekick and partner Jonathan Lau, with covers by Alex Ross, Greg Horn, and Joe Benitez. 

Green Hornet: Blood Ties #1 (of 4) is written by Ande Parks and has art and cover by Johnny Desjardins!  The first issue of Green Hornet: Blood Ties features the last remains of the Italian Crime Family and the Japanese Yakuza.  How did the two man team of Green Hornet and Kato bring about the fall of all Crime in the city of Century City?  This tale is the precursor to Kevin Smith's Green Hornet, and is a must read for Green Hornet fans!  Featuring the break-out art of Johnny Desjardins, who began his career as David Finch's protégé and is now one of Dynamite's up-and-coming artists!

The Green Hornet Year One #7 is written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Aaron Campbell, with covers by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla!  Act two of the first year of the original crime-fighting team begins with Matt Wagner now pulling double duty as the comic's writer AND cover artist!

The Green Hornet: Year One Vol. 1: The Sting of Justice TPB collects the first six issues, featuring the origin of the original Green Hornet and Kato!  Reprinting issues #1-6, along with a complete cover gallery, this acclaimed collection is written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Aaron Campbell, with a cover by Alex Ross!

Green Hornet: Parallel Lives #4 is written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Nigel Raynor, with cover by Paul Renaud!  Parallel Lives is the official prelude to the upcoming movie starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as the Green Hornet and Kato! Learn how the lives of Kato and the Green Hornet were intertwined before they ever met.  Kato learns the advanced chemistry of the hornet sleeping gas and the world's greatest coffee!  Oh, did we mention he takes on corporate espionage and kicks some butt!

Kato Origins #6: The Hellfire Club is written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Colton Worley, with covers by Colton Worley and Francesco Francavilla!  From the pages of Green Hornet: Year One come the solo adventures of the original Kato!  In this stand-alone issue, Kato comes face to face with honor among thieves in the Chicago underworld.  The Green Hornet is seen as a master criminal to the general population and crooks alike.  Who do the criminals turn to when they become the victim of a crime?  Kato finds out in a tale of Chicago jazz and drugs that's a perfect jumping on point for new readers!

Kevin Smith's Kato #7 is written by Ande Parks and drawn by Diego Bernard, with covers by Ale Garza, and Carlos Rafael!  As the new Kato readies herself for her upcoming battle with the Black Hornet, new foes loom on the horizon.  After taking out his league of teen ninja assassins, Kato finds herself the target of Takeshi.  This issue also introduces a major new character into Kato's world... one that will play a pivotal role in the months to come.  Also, the original Kato arrives in the US.  Can the two Kato's - father and daughter - get along well enough to prepare for their showdown with Black Hornet?  This issue ties into the Kevin Smith Green Hornet series!

Green Hornet Golden Age Re-Mastered #4 is based on stories by Fran Striker and drawn by Bert Whitman Associates, with a cover by Joe Rubenstein.  Whether you are a recent or long-time Green Hornet fan, this series of classic Green Hornet reprints will be enjoyed by fans of all ages!  Featuring stories written by Fran Striker, these 40 page issues are re-mastered for the first time!  Featuring a new cover by artist, Joe Rubenstein!

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DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT, the publishing division of DYNAMIC FORCES, INC., was founded in 2004 and is home to several best-selling comic book titles and properties, including Red Sonja, Green Hornet, Project Superpowers, The Boys, Army of Darkness, Battlestar Galactica, The Lone Ranger, Zorro and more!

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DYNAMITE is consistently ranked in the upper tiers of comic book publishers and several of their more recent launches - including Alex Ross and Jim Krueger's PROJECT SUPERPOWERS - have debuted in the Top Ten lists produced by Diamond Comics Distributors. In 2005 Diamond awarded the company a GEM award for Best New Publisher and another GEM in 2006 for Comics Publisher of the Year (under 5%). The company has also been nominated for several industry awards, including the prestigious Eisner Award.

Aside from their monthly periodical comic book series, DYNAMITE also produces new and classic material, including Tim Truman's SCOUT, Carlos Trillo and Eduardo Risso's BORDERLINE and TALES OF TERROR, Jim Starlin's DREADSTAR, as well as reprint editions of classic RED SONJA material.

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