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Red Sonja: Black, White Red, Barbarella,
Dejah Thoris vs John Carter, & More

Dynamite July 2021 Solicitations

The summer is heating up with Dynamite's scorching hot July 2021 solicitations, available now to preorder through Diamond Comics Distributors' May 2021 Previews catalog. Three dynamic debut issues set the tone for a deep lineup. RED SONJA: BLACK, WHITE, RED sets out to celebrate the iconic character with the best writers and best artists, joining for the best stories in a striking experimental format! BARBARELLA is back with her sensual spacefaring adventures, helmed by Sarah Hoyt making her exciting debut in comics! Sci-fi superstar Dan Abnett ramps up his Barsoom saga in DEJAH THORIS VS JOHN CARTER OF MARS! While everyone's favorite titles continue on!

Click here to download Dynamite Entertainment's July 2021 solicitations
text and covers.

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