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Sheena Swings Onto Kickstarter with J. Scott Campbell Statue!

Support the Campaign and Help Choose the Variant Produced

March 21, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Coinciding with the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2019 (C2E2), Dynamite Entertainment launches a Kickstarter for a stunning Sheena statue based on art by superstar J. Scott Campbell. Supporters can preorder their copies of the limited-edition piece for an advance lower price, choose from a variety of extras and most importantly, help decide which variants will be produced!

resize.jpgSupport the Sheena Statue Kickstarter Here!

Sculptor Steve Kiwus has masterfully brought Campbell's gorgeous cover art from Sheena Queen of the Jungle #1 to three dimensions. The high-quality resin piece is at 1/6 scale and stands approximately 10.5 inches tall with a sturdy 7.25 inches wide base. Her intricate leopard print tunic and other details are hand painted.

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle is one of the most historically important characters in comic books. Predating the biggest superheroes in the business, Sheena was created by legends Will Eisner and Jerry Iger in 1937. The heroine became the flagship character of major publisher Fiction House, starring in top selling comics for over a decade with them. Including being the first heroine to have an eponymous series, beating Wonder Woman to the punch! She has continued to be published since, most recently by Dynamite in a critically acclaimed series by writers Marguerite Bennett (DC Comics Bombshells, Batwoman) and Christina Trujillo alongside artists Moritat (Harley Quinn, The Hellblazer) and Maria Laura Sanapo (Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica). Outside of comics, Sheena has starred on the small screen, silver screen and even inspired one of the most influential punk rock songs!

What about variants? Dynamite has a tradition of producing black and white versions of each statue, for collectors who value the way it accentuates the sculpt, want an extra or might even be ambitious painters themselves. For this piece, the black and white edition keeps certain accents painted, including Sheena's jewelry and her stark green eyes. This variant is sure to catch anyone's eye. 

Supporters of this Kickstarter with pledges including a statue will be welcome to provide feedback and help choose another more drastic variant. One potential option is the "Classic" variant, altering Sheena's costume to more closely match her appearances in the Golden Age of comics, as drawn by good girl art masters like Matt Baker! Another option is the "Night Stalker" variant with a sleek paint scheme with shadow details. Click through to the campaign page to check out all the options.


Whether you're interested in a statue, multiple statues, or no statue at all, Sheena and J. Scott Campbell fans will find something to love among the rest of the rewards. For just a single dollar, fans can follow along with the backer exclusive campaign updates and receive Dynamite's eternal gratitude. At other affordable levels, digital and print versions of Sheena's comic adventures are available, including the two collections of her 11 issue series and the Lords of the Jungle crossover with Tarzan by Corrina Bechko (Planet of the Apes, Invisible Republic) and Roberto Castro (Turok, Red Sonja/Conan). That's over 400 pages of Sheena! Also available are signed issues by J. Scott Campbell, Artist Proof editions of Dynamite's last Campbell inspired statues for Vampirella and Dejah Thoris and even more surprises! Statue superfans can even check out a bountiful bundle of Dynamite statues for an impressive combined discount!

“Sheena has lone been regarded as the first comic book superheroine and the poster child of an entire beloved genre of fierce and beautiful jungle girls that have inspired men and women for over a century,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “We’ve been fortunate to add to that legend with talented writers and artists like J. Scott Campbell. Fans will love bringing this iconic image into the third dimension and into their collections, and we look forward to the fan support!”

To support the campaign, visit: J. Scott Campbell's Sheena!



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