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Stan Lee’s New York Times Best-Selling Alliances Universe Expands With A Kickstarter Exclusive Prelude Comic Book "Traitor's Revenge," an Alliances: Orphans Special Edition Graphic Novel & Much More

June 22, Mt. Laurel, NJ:
Dynamite announces an exciting new Kickstarter campaign to offer fans special editions and collector's items from the Alliances universe, one of the final creative contributions from the legendary Stan Lee. Alliances: Orphans is a full length original graphic novel from the mind of Stan Lee, co-creators and co-writers Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert, as well as critically acclaimed artists Bill Sienkiewicz and Syzmon Kudranski. This cosmic epic is available to order right now on the Kickstarter page!

Alliances: Orphans features 184 stunning full color pages, kicked off by the "Traitor's Revenge" prelude by Lee. This was one of the first pieces created alongside Lieberman and Silbert for the Alliances universe. The prelude is drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz, one of the most heralded luminaries of the comics medium. His work on Moon Knight, New Mutants, Elektra, and many more comics have resulted in multiple Eisner Awards. The title pays homage to Lee's comic book debut in Captain America Comics #3.

With this Kickstarter, "Traitor's Revenge" will be offered for the first time as a special edition collectible comic book. The story features the first appearances of over a dozen new characters created by Lee, Lieberman, and Silbert.

The core Orphans story by Lee, Lieberman (Red Sonja), Silbert (The Coldest Case), and Szymon Kudranski (Superman Action Comics, Spawn, Punisher) introduces fans to a diverse cast of characters hurtling through a new saga. William Ackerson is a man lost in space on a quest to find the source of his uncanny abilities. He's joined by a crew wherein each member is the last of their kind, with the evil alien Hive having wiped out all their kin. Little Boy is the giant childlike leader of the Orphans. Haze is a caustic creature of pure vapor. Rascal is a self-loathing zealot with dark secrets. Critter is a monster with a puppy-like demeanor. Lastly, the mysterious stowaway Samsi is the fearsome survivor of a civilization that once ruled the galaxy. 



With the squad assembled, they will journey across the cosmos in a fast-paced treasure hunt. Gravity waves ripple across the galaxy, warping the time and space around the adventurers, and the Orphans must band together as a found family to save reality itself!

A core question and principle from the dearly departed Stan "The Man" that fostered the creation of the Alliances franchise was, "What is more real, the world we are born into or the one we create ourselves?” This idea is explored throughout the tales in the Alliances universe, including the New York Times best-selling Audible Original A Trick of Light and its hit prequel A New Reality, in addition to the newly released Orphans graphic novel.

Alliances universe co-creators and co-writers Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert stated: “When we would discuss cosmic storytelling with Stan, he would often look up, point toward the sky and then, when the idea came to him he would wave his hand like a magician. Bringing Orphans to life in this new project, and expanding Alliances into the stars, is something we know fans have been anticipating for years. This is that moment.”

While the Kickstarter campaign offers the standard hardcover edition of the book, fans can also get a limited edition logo-free "virgin" edition of the book, exclusively available as part of the Kickstarter. A digital edition is available as well for readers who prefer that format and experience. Editions signed jointly by Sienkiewicz, Lieberman, and Silbert can be pledged for too.

A wide range of exclusive add-ons and extras are also available as part of the Kickstarter campaign. The aforementioned limited edition ashcan comic book featuring the "Traitor's Revenge" prelude with stunning art by Bill Sienkiewicz is a comic collector's dream item, with 16 jaw-dropping pages from one of the medium's hall of famers and written by Stan Lee himself. An 11 x 17 inch art print of the Sienkiewicz "virgin" book cover is also available for purchase. Additionally, both the ashcan and print can be signed by Sienkiewicz. A limited edition set of six trading cards can also be added on to any pledge. Additionally, some goodies from Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment, like bobbleheads, the sold out Stan Lee Story XXL hardcover, and more are available too, in addition to premium options for high-end collectors.




Stan Lee, Ryan Silbert, Luke Lieberman
Bill Sienkiewicz, Szymon Kudranski

Photo © Luigi Novi                                                 


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About Stan Lee
Stan Lee was a successful writer and editor, known to millions of fans worldwide as the co-creator of beloved superheroes like Spider-Man®, X-Men®, The Fantastic Four®, and countless more that propelled Marvel to its preeminent position in the comic book industry. Most recently, Stan was the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment®, which he founded with Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman. For nearly two decades, POW! has brought Stan’s original characters and stories to television, feature films, and publishing for audiences around the world. POW! continues to perpetuate Stan's legacy by sharing his new creations and celebrating the impact he has had on global popular culture.

About Luke Lieberman
Luke Lieberman is an American writer, producer and practitioner of entertainment law. He is President of Red Sonja, LLC, producer of the upcoming feature film based on the character, and executive editor of the related comic book publications many of which he has written personally, including Red Sonja: Birth of a She Devil. Lieberman began his storytelling apprenticeship under the tutelage of Stan Lee, and years later rejoined the legendary creator to develop the Alliances Universe with co-creator Ryan Silbert and oversee the first two projects in the franchise, A Trick of Light and A New Reality, both Audible Originals.

About Ryan Silbert
Ryan Silbert is an award-winning producer, screenwriter, author and founder of Origin Story Entertainment. Silbert’s expansive repertoire includes such films as the Academy Award® winning short-film, God of Love; Julius Onah’s debut feature Spike Lee’s The Girl is in Trouble; and the Audible best-selling audio drama, James Patterson’s The Coldest Case. He is responsible for the creative direction of Stan Lee’s Alliances alongside co-creator Luke Lieberman; together they founded their creator-owned Figment comic book imprint.

About Bill Sienkiewicz
Bill Sienkiewicz (pronounced sin-KEV-itch) is an Eisner-winning, Emmy-nominated artist best known for revamping the style of comic and graphic novel illustration from 1980 onward, most notably with Marvel Comic's Elektra: Assassin and his acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters, earning him an international reputation and cult status across media industries. His work has garnered numerous accolades - most notably a 2004 Eisner Award for DC Comics' The Sandman: Endless Nights, and 1995 and 1996 Emmy Award nominations for production and character design on the PBS children's TV series Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?

About Szymon Kundranski
Szymon Kundranski is a professional comic book artist and illustrator. He started working in 2004 for IDW Publishing on the title 30 Days of Night. His first published work for DC Comics was in 2010 on the title Batman: Streets of Gotham and later worked on other few titles like Bruce Wayne: The Road Home and Penguin: Pain and Prejudice. After this, Kundranski started working for Image Comics on the title Spawn, work for which he is well known.


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