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Art Thibert Celebrates Dual Anniversaries With Vampirella/Black & White!

Exclusive Variant Cover Only Available on Indiegogo


March 25, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Art Thibert and Dynamite together announce a special exclusive crossover cover variant for Vampirella #1! 

Live right now (CLICK HERE!)! Available only on Indiegogo for a limited time, the cover celebrates the 25th anniversary of Thibert's independent creation Black & White as well as Vampi's big 50th.

“I am pleased to be involved in this amazing pairing of Dynamite’s character, Vampirella, and my creator-owned characters, Black & White," said artist Art Thibert. "Black & White has been around for 25 years and Vampirella for 50 great years! I’d say that a book showcasing characters with that kind of staying power calls for a party! So please jump on board and grab your very own copy of this team-up cover of epic proportions.”


The Indiegogo campaign has a curated set of options for fans and collectors with different tastes. Both the standard dressed cover and logo-free "virgin" editions are set at the same price, allowing fans to pick their preference. For the art fans, the campaign offers a black and white (no pun intended!) inks-only version to marvel at Thibert's famous abilities. Bundles for all three as well as all three signed are available. Plus, a limited number of one-of-a-kind sketches from Art of either Black & White or Vampirella will be offered.

Art Thibert has been a professional comic book artist for over 35 years. Principally known as one of the greatest inkers of all time, he's also contributed as a writer and penciler. As an inker, Art's brush and pens have enhanced the artwork of such fellow legends as Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Art Adams, Steve Ditko, Joe Quesada, Adam Kubert, David Finch, Rob Liefeld, Dan Jurgens, Whilce Portacio, Ron Lim, Curt Swan, Salvador Larroca, Mark Bagley and countless more.

He was the ongoing inker of the 1991 X-Men series at its peak popularity, influencing the style and dreams of so many young creators at the time. Following his collaborators Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld's exit to form Image Comics, Thibert became one of the hottest talents, stepping in as penciler of X-Men and launching the ongoing Cable series. In the meantime, he also found time to play a part in the famous Death and Return of Superman saga. Originally published by Image in 1994, Black & White were serialized across multiple titles and then received their own series. In 2018, Thibert relaunched the characters for a remastered and expanded hardcover graphic novel, successfully crowdfunded through Indiegogo. As well as his new currently available creation Chrono Mechanics.

Underneath Art's great cover is the critically acclaimed bestselling Dynamite comic book of all time, Vampirella #1 by Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz. Selling over 150,000 copies through the traditional comic book market and other innovative and diverse avenues like this here Indiegogo, the title has reignited a rapidly expanding fanbase for the Daughter of Drakulon and garnered glowing reviews. Available every month and soon to expand into the companion title sacredsix, this issue is the perfect entry point!

"I've been friends with Art since around 1990, well before launching Dynamite Entertainment and even before Dynamic Forces," said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO & Publisher. "Art's been at the forefront of some of the best-selling titles in the history of the industry, and with his talent, it's obvious why. Having inked all of the greats from Jim Lee to Andy Kubert, as well as having penciled and inked some titles, he has been one of the most important creators of the last four decades. We've also been fortunate enough for Art to create covers for some of our Dynamite titles, including Red Sonja and Sheena. He continues to show not only his versatility in stories and styles, but also how he can engage his audience through unique avenues like Indiegogo. Both Chrono Mechanics and Black and White have been huge hits. I couldn't be more honored to have his signature characters appear with Vampirella on our own bestseller for Art's and Dynamite's fans."

Don't miss out on this slick crossover cover! Available for a limited time and in limited quantities on Indiegogo!



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