I just read Red Sonja #1-3 last night...I loved it!!

I was afraid the nostalgia of my former youthlove (comicwise) would be compramised but above all the feeling is being rekindled!!

The story is strong, sexy, twisting (plots) and the art is growing every issue! Rubi is a gem itself!!

I was also afraid that because
a] oneshots came out before the first regular arc finished
b] variant covers -as a tool- were getting criticized by fans on forums
c] crossovers (Claw) were already sollicited
the regular series would be lessened in the experience

No such thing...it even made the experience better!

Not that I pre-ordered everything (but bought the oneshots nevertheless ) or want every variant (I choose but one!!)...but I love reading Red SOnja again after all these years!!