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Red Sonja #6 (*Merged with KrAzYeTy's "IGN" thread...*)

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  • Red Sonja #6 (*Merged with KrAzYeTy's "IGN" thread...*)

    Got it today.

    I was very impressed. Storywise it was a great climax and very cleverly done. I can't wait until the next arc starts in #8. I said before I was a little disappointed with #5. The art is much better this issue, and storywise this issue ties up the arc starting in issue #0 (I didn't think much happened plot wise in issue #5).

    I thought something was a bit strange with this and the last issue, and it's that that different people are doing the colouring (the original team are just advising), probably because of the lateness. This is a shame because the original team were absolutely amazing, they got the colours absolutely perfect for the genre and the recent issues are certainly a step down from the earlier ones in the arc. Hopefully they'll be back soon.

    As I said before this issue great. Not only does in bring this arc to a great conclusion, but it deepens the whole story. And has two (or three?, or four?) neat little twists. Again, I've very impressed. The whole team should be very pleased with themselves. I can't wait to see what they do next.

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    RRR! I wonder when we'll get it out here...

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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      What parallel universe do you live in???

      It haven't even seen it on DCD's shipping list, and #5 was just released just a few weeks ago!!

      Do you have a scanner, show us some covers or internal pages.


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        I've actually just got #7 as well. I think #5-#7 were all printed together and they were shipped out very close on each others heels (either by mistake or design).

        #7 reminded me a lot of One More Day. Sonja wanders across someone in need and helps solve their problem. It's actually very like a one-shot, it's neat seeing a new writer, artist and colourer do their version of Sonja. I've probably overdosed on Sonja in the last couple of weeks, hope #8 comes out before I end up going cold turkey!


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          Originally posted by nikolai
          I've actually just got #7 as well. I think #5-#7 were all printed together and they were shipped out very close on each others heels (either by mistake or design).
          NUMBER 7 TOO?! WHAT THE...?!!

          Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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            I'm still looking forward to my copy of #4



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              The mystery gets even more strange, cause now Milehigh comics has listed #6 but no cover scans.....

              I thought comics were only shipped every wednesday??

              Did you get them via mail order or something?

              Let us know.


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                I got them through my comic shop, though there was some problem with the distribution system which meant some boxes were misplaced and kept trickling in throughout the week. That probably explains why I didn't get them at the same time. Hope you lot get it soon.


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                  Well now this is good news, DCD has #6 on its list for Wednesday the 15th.

                  Too bad I am leaving on a business trip.

                  Just hope my comic shop sets aside issues without any major defects...

                  No sign of #7 yet, we shall see.


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                    IGN's take on Red Sonja #6

                    IGN Comics examine issue #6 and their thoughts were positive. duh~!

                    Red Sonja #6
                    Published by Dynamite Entertainment
                    Written by Michael Avon Oeming & Mike Carey
                    Art by Mel Rubi
                    Rating: Must Read

                    Eric's Review: Three issues over the course of five weeks have really made for an odd shipping schedule, but it certainly worked well with the fast paced action in the issues. I like the dialogue used, and don't know whether Oeming handles it specifically or not, but it seems that way considering he has used similar language in other series, like Hammer of the Gods, Thor and Ares. It appears that Rubi's art either wasn't inked or was possibly digitally inked, but overall, the sometimes rough look goes well with the feel of the book and doesn't distract from the story.

                    Link is HERE


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                      Well it sounds good!

                      Number 6 should be in my hands shortly, so I'll know for sure then! Heh heh heh!

                      Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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                        *Catch-Up Time For Tommy...*

                        Well, after a mix-up with a package I went and got a spare copy each of No.'s 6 and 7 to read in the meantime, and Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom #2 (so I might end up with doubles. Oh well...).

                        The end of the first story arc!

                        Well yeh - I am kinda ploughin' old ground here, but I only just got the issue yesterday!

                        Nice one! Y'gotta love Mel Rubi's work! It was great to see the colouring back on track as well!

                        Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!