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    Good day,

    It's Monday, it's raining and at 8.36 a.m.(est)my local comic store calls me, how is that for service, Trevor got his shipment list for this week and two (2) Lone Ranger posters will be ready for pick up on Wednesday.

    That blank space on the wall in my study will soon be no more.

    Didn't change the fact it's Monday but hey better than a poke in the eye wirth a sharp stick! Pick up yours!


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    Good job on the posters. little rain here for months and less expected in the near future. fortunately, there's too much water here for us to be in a draught yet.
    however, do we have ANY idea when #7 will be ready?

    and is it the multiple types of cover that is holding everything up? if so, wish someone would tell management that most of us would be happy with one cover until scheduling is restored.
    [still annoyed] cindy


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      Hi Cindy,

      I have had my in ground but not heated pool up and running since May...the water has never past 76 degrees...I've swam in it twice and no pool parties whatsoever...

      I too am hoping DE is on track with LR release dates....but I do know from various sites that Cassaday is involved in many projects and he does have a history of slow...

      I think they put up artwork for number 10 to placate us, as nice as it is I bet it's not the final product.