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Was Lone Ranger ever a PEZ?

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  • Was Lone Ranger ever a PEZ?

    No I'm freakin serious or Tonto for that matter?
    I feel like I’ve seen every kind of stupid pez, but I don’t ever remember seeing Lone Ranger?

    Someone just showed me this, and I'm shoked! So now I want one of those damn things too.
    Love the packaging art on that display!

    So where is Lone Ranger?
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    Ya know, I don't think I've ever seen one. I just checked my Lone Ranger price guide and it doesn't show one. I'm going to check with my experts and see what I can find out.

    The official word is no, there has never been a Lone Ranger or Tonto Pez.
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      there's 5 or 6 pages of pictures of collectibles in Dave Holland's book, but Pez dispensers weren't pictured or listed there.


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        I’m kid of surprised, you’d think the Ranger and Tonto would be dead ringers for the PEZ head treatment. They’re exactly the kind of recognizable pop culture icons you’d expect to have seen. And after seeing those Hornet ones I thought for sure they made them, but yeah I don’t remember ever seeing either one I guess that explains it, thanks for checking.
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