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*FLASH: Red Sonja Trading Cards!*

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  • *FLASH: Red Sonja Trading Cards!*

    This just in from Dynamite:

    Featuring All-Star Signings and Legendary Sketches

    February 28, 2005, Runnemede, NJ – The premiere Red Sonja Trading Cards from Dynamic Forces are in stores March 1st and feature an all-star line-up of artists and creators providing signatures and sketches for the blockbuster series.

    The cards are available through comic shops, card shops and other specialty retailers across the country, and serve as both a companion and enhancement to the Dynamite Red Sonja Comic Book series.

    The cards are available as single packs, by the Box (AUG052898), or cases for fans who like receiving the case incentives - through your local specialty retailer as well as two special binders: a Regular Binder (AUG052902) and a Deluxe Binder (AUG052903) featuring a bonus card signed by current Sonja artist Mel Rubi! (Retailers may still have binders available for orders, though the binders have sold out from Dynamic Forces, Inc.)

    Look for outstanding images and Signature Cards from: Alex Ross, Michael Turner, Peter Steigerwald, Paolo Rivera, Greg Land, Michael Avon Oeming, Frank Brunner, JG Jones, John Romita Sr., Greg Horn, Michael Turner, Billy Tan, Mel Rubi, Cully Hammer, Luke Lieberman and living legend and original Red Sonja writer Roy Thomas!!!

    Look for Sketch Cards – featuring a piece of original art on each and every Sketch Card from: John Czop, Cully Hammer, Caesar Rodriguez, Robert Randle, Gordon Purcell, Filip Sablik and the legendary Sonja artist Frank Brunner! Be sure to check out (or the links below) for sketch cards images with the names of each artist!

    The Red Sonja Trading Cards were strictly limited to 200 cases!


    For the first time ever! Over 30 years in the making! The Premiere Red Sonja Trading Card Series has arrived and this 72-card base set features Red Sonja through the ages! With 7 per pack, 36 packs per box, and 10 boxes per case, fans will be able to “check out” Red Sonja in all her glory.

    From the classic images by artists Barry Windsor Smith, John Buscema, Frank Thorne and Frank Brunner to the newest images by Michael Turner, Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Gabrielle Del'Otto, Joseph Michael Linsner, Paolo Rivera, Art Adams, Frank Brunner, Michael Avon Oeming, Richard Isanove, Caesar Rodriguez, Billy Tan, and ongoing series artist Mel Rubi! Plus, many more!

    Chase cards include 6 Fiery glow-in-the-dark chase cards (two randomly inserted in every box); a puzzle card subset featuring a new piece of art by Mel Rubi; 10 signed and sketched cards in the series with 2 randomly inserted signed cards in each box and 1 randomly inserted sketch card in each box.

    Every full case guaranteed to have 2 "Hot Boxes" with a minimum of 10 Chase Cards each -- 5 - 6 signature cards, 3 - 4 Glow-In-The-Dark Cards and 2 special sketch cards - one by classic Marvel artist Frank Brunner and Gaijin Studios artist Cully Hamner.

    For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at

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    I bought a pack today with 7 cards, and wasn't really impressed. For over 4 bucks a pack, I can't justify trying to collect them all.

    Most of the cards I got were just covers or pieces of strips from the comics already released.

    I am sure there are some nicer cards hidden in the other packs, but its not for me!

    Thanks for letting us know Tommy.