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    If he a sidekick, why is he called The Lone Ranger?

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    Did you read the first issue or the origin ever? It will tell you better than I could.
    You should honestly do yourself a favor and see how the experts tell it, but if you really need to know here is a short summery.
    Spoilers- highlight to read.

    He was originally part of a group of 6 Texas Rangers in pursuit the criminal Butch Cavendish and his gang. The Rangers are lead into a murderous ambush by a scout working for Cavendish who directs them into a narrowing canyon where they become easy targets from above. They are all shot down and left for dead.
    Tonto comes upon the massacre and discovers he is still alive and nurses him back to health.
    Being the Lone survivor of the massacre he vows to bring the killers to justice, and asks Tonto to make a sixth grave to make people think that he had died as well.
    He dons the mask to conceal his identity thus becoming The Lone Ranger.
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