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From Joe's "Ask Dynamite" Column...

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  • From Joe's "Ask Dynamite" Column...

    I'm posting here a letter sent to Joe Rybandt's "Ask Dynamite" column. This arrived in my mail today with the weekly releases msg, and I wanted to share it with you all...

    Originally posted by Mark G. Lord
    I feel compelled to share the following story with you: My Father and I are both dedicated fans of your "The Lone Ranger" series. Since release, I've faithfully purchased two copies of each issue, one for my Father and one for myself. The storyline is well written and the artwork is great.

    One might be prompted to ask, why do I share this seemingly common scenario with you?

    My Father grew up in an era (and rural community) where The Lone Ranger reigned supreme!! Dad tells stories of listening to Lone Ranger episodes on the radio, reading Lone Ranger comic books and engaging in Lone Ranger play (with other Lone Ranger enthusiasts)!! Needless to say, The Lone Ranger was present in many ways during my Father's childhood.

    Earlier this year, just prior to turning 66 years, my Father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He continues to fight this terrible disease and when asked, he outlines his strategy as follows: "I'll fight this until either I defeat it or I can't fight anymore". Despite this extremely difficult time, my Father continues to look forward to each issue of "The Lone Ranger". I talked to my Father earlier today and he's already read Issue 9!!

    I want you to know that your work is important. The Lone Ranger is far more than simply a comic book character. For my Father, it connects him to an earlier and more care-free time in his life. For me, The Lone Ranger provides the opportunity to share something extraordinary with my Dad.

    The Lone Ranger was clearly a childhood hero to my Father. Throughout my entire 42 (almost 43 years), Dad has been my "Hero". His moral compass, quiet strength and total devotion to family remains inspirational.

    I love you Dad.

    -- Mark G. LORD

    From Joe -

    Originally posted by Joe Rybandt
    This one hit us like a sack of hammers and we wish mark and his father the best. We shared this letter with the Ranger creative team and have a few things planned for Mark and his Dad… stay tuned on this one… and it’s letter like this that make books like the Ranger so rewarding to work on and publish.

    On behalf of all of us here on the Dynamite Forums I'd like to wish Mark and his father All The Best and Good Luck during what must be an incredibly trying time. I understand the importance of good cheer and having something to look forward to, and I'm glad that Dynamite's "Lone Ranger" is able to help-out in this way. From everyone here, Good Luck and Get Well Mr. Lord.

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    Tommy, thanks for opening this. I want the Lords to know they're in my prayers. That was a very inspiring story. I hope it has a happy ending.


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      First off all the best wishes for the Lord family. I know we fans can be annoying and nit picky but to for you guys to have received a letter like that must truly make you feel like you have have "entered your house justified" it goes far beyond the bottom line and even this escapist artform we all love and connects with anothers journey through being human. It is a remarkable feat. Thanks for sharing this Tommy