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  • Heavenly Sword

    Anyone play Heavenly Sword? I have a feeling a lot of different characters and media influenced the creators of that game, including Red Sonja. The heroine in that game has a little bit of that Red Sonja personality, not to mention red hair.

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    I've never played it, but I like the graphics I've seen.

    But then I'm a comic geeks and as such I have an unhealthy obsession for red-heads that enjoy killing men with big swords.

    Which is pretty much the reason I read RS.


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      I've played it, and I do think that a bit of Sonja made it into Nariko. Look at the flowing red hair, and the fact that both Nariko's and Sonja's peoples are steppe nomads (though I personally think Hyperborean would have been a better nationality choice for Sonja), as well as the fact that they both cut hordes of baddies to pieces without seemingly any effort.