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New Comic series wanted!!!!!!!

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  • New Comic series wanted!!!!!!!

    Is there any chance of you guys making any resident evil comic books? I think nobody else but you could do it!!!!!

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    Hey Umbrella Inc.! Welcome aboard!

    I could be wrong, but isn't there already a Resident Evil series out? Not sure, so you may like to correct me on that...

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


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      Im almost 100% positive there isnt, not since the 1998 comics.
      But if there is then im going to be incredibly saddend because its not being donw by you guys and if there isnt a series could you guys look into it? I mean its a really popular game and with the new resident evil 5 coming out it would sell for sure.


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        Ok wildstorm did a 4 issue series but it was four years ago and it didnt have to do with the main series, I mean what you guys could do it make a four issue for each game like 4 issues per game it would be amazingg, any one else agree??


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          Well there are a few Resident Evil series out there

          an one-shot in 1996 from Marvel
          There was a 4 issue mini in 1998 from Image (wildstorm) and issue 5 under DC
          then Fire and Ice in the end of 2000 of 4 issues DC (Wildstorm)
          and Code Veronica was also adepted in Comic form by DC (Wildstorm) and also 4 issues


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            Would that mean the liscense it out there agian because how I would love the comics to work is they make 4 issues for each game, it would be so bad ass i would get all the covers and the harcover im such a huge resident evil fan
            but i was also playing another zombie game that might be fun to read would be dead rising by capcom also for the xbox 360, i think only dynamite could do it justice