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Glorious 5 Year Plan thoughts...

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  • Glorious 5 Year Plan thoughts...

    I don't know if the writers read these forums, but let's see...

    Overall, I enjoyed this arc. Good development of the overall plot, some interesting hints towards the future, and some funny moments. I expected more from Hughie and Vas's attack on russian crime, however; is Hughie going to be trained at all? At the moment, he may be smart, but he's an amatuer compared to the others.

    On a different note, is the Female actually showing...affection towards the Frenchman in the last scene?

    Good Points:

    Vas and Hughie

    International Action

    Butcher's Last Act

    Bad Points

    Artwork was not quite up to the normal excellent standard

    Monkey's habit. Sorry, I found that image disgusting.

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    I'm with you on the art it has been so amazing the whole series up until the end of this arc. Also, the thing with monkey...yeah its not quite proper but I think its in the book just to show that people are doesn't matter what walk of life they're a part of or the face they put on, behind locked doors and closed shades people are F'in sick. That was my take on it anyways.